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Apple Watch Series 5 to touch: This constantly active display is long overdue


The new Apple Watch series 5.

James Martin / CNET

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Apple unveiled the latest version of its portable fitness model, the Apple Watch Series 5, on Tuesday, when iPhone 11 was unveiled at its annual event in September . While the iPhone has attracted the most attention, the new watch, which replaces the 4 Series adds some new features. Costs start at $ 399 (GBP 399, $ 649) for the GPS-only model and $ 499 (GBP 499, $ 799) for GPS and mobile. The Apple Watch Series 5 can be ordered now and will be available from September 20th.

As the fifth iteration of one of the best-selling fitness wearables, the Apple Watch and its apps focus on user fitness, biometrics and health research. According to Apple, the Watch Series 5 is constantly displayed throughout the 18-hour battery life of the previous models. It's something other watches have, and we're happy to see it appear on the Apple Watch.

Being played:

The Apple Watch Series 5 is always in use


Similar to other smartwatches, especially last year's Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 Wear OS watches, the colored dials dimmed and still slightly animated as you turn your wrist away. The dials change color slightly and light up as you turn your wrist back. Always-on mode only works on the wrist and with Apple's dials and the workout app.

Other features include a native compass. During our short time, we were able to quickly orient in that direction, and it seemed to work well in a crowded demo room at the Steve Jobs Theater. Compass complications also occur with some dials.

The new case designs, especially of ceramic and titanium, are sharp. It is better if they are for the ceramic model at about $ 1,200. The titanium case has a brushed metal look that is clearly different from the polished, mirrored steel of the stainless steel models.

The Apple Watch Series 5 does not feel dramatically different, but a constantly-on display is a big and overdue change that we did not expect, but we're glad to welcome

. In addition to the debut of the Watch Series 5, Apple announced that the price for its Apple Watch 3 which hit the market in 2017, was permanently lowered to $ 199 (£ 199, $ 319).

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