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AppleCare + Renewable Monthly Payment Plans Now Available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Last year, Apple added the monthly payment options to some of its AppleCare + protection plans on select devices, and now the company has decided to make them even more flexible: by the customer.

AppleCare As reported by 9to5Mac customers purchasing an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch AppleCare + coverage for as long as they like, or until Apple can no longer service the device.

The key change in the company's new AppleCare + legal document is spotted in the following passage, which sets out the terms of Apple's monthly plans.

For Monthly Plans, your plan term is one (1

) month. Your plan will automatically renew each month unless canceled as set out in the "Cancellation" section 9 below, including in the event that Apple is no longer available to service your Covered Equipment Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone, or iPad via Apple's online store, the change is explicit. Customers AppleCare + are now asked if they would like to "pay monthly until canceled," as opposed to paying for two years of coverage outright.

However, the subscription-style monthly plans are not available on the Apple Store. For Macs, Apple TV, HomePod, and other AppleCare +, Apple is still only offering upfront fixed term payment plans.

It's worth noting the monthly AppleCare + plans do cost more than paying at upfront price. For example, at AppleCare + plan for Apple Watch Series 5 totals $ 95.76 when paid monthly for two years, paying $ 79 for 24 months of coverage.

Still, it does not cover anyone who wants coverage beyond the two (or in some cases three) years.
Apple has AppleCare + options do not show yet, but we do know that upfront pricing is going to $ 149 and $ 199 , respectively, for those models, and we can be sure that the new monthly rolling plans will be extended to them, too. !

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