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Apple’s built-in translation app that works in 11 languages

Apple has added a new translation app in iOS 14, which, as the name suggests, offers translations from one language to another. The translation app has some useful features that are useful both when learning a new language and when trying to speak to someone who speaks a different language.

This manual describes all functions of the translator app and their use.


The translation app has a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets you choose languages ​​to translate to and from above, options for entering (or inserting) text to be translated, or speaking out loud after tapping the microphone option.

Translations are shown in large text, with the original phrase in black and the translation in blue. IPhone can pronounce translations out loud when the play button is pressed, so you can get the correct pronunciation or play the translation for someone who speaks a different language.


The translation app can translate to and from Arabic, Mainland Chinese, English (US and UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Language translations

When translating languages, you can tap the microphone in the translation app and say a sentence out loud to translate it into the target language. For example, if you chose English and Spanish as selected languages ​​and ask, “Where’s the bathroom?” The app gives the correct answer: “Dónde está el baño?”

You can speak in any of the supported languages ​​and have the spoken language translated into one of the other languages. The translation app works with simple phrases or long sentences and speeches.

Text translations

Text translations can be entered in the translation app. This is useful when you need to insert something from a website or document for translation. To enter text, simply tap on the text “Enter text” in the app. A user interface opens in which you can enter something or insert it with a tap of your finger.

You can enter a single sentence or insert long sections of text. The translation app can translate everything in its entirety, including a spoken translation that can be played so you can hear the pronunciation.

Talk mode

Conversation mode is a nice little feature that allows you to chat with someone who speaks a different language. Switch to conversation mode simply in landscape mode.

“IPhone” is listening in conversation mode both Languages ​​and can translate directly between them. When you have a conversation with someone, just tap the microphone button when everyone is speaking and the “phone” translates the conversation into their language for each person.

To use conversation mode with the automatic speech recognition feature, make sure that the setting is activated by tapping on one of the language fields at the top of the app and scrolling down to ensure that “Automatic recognition” is activated.

If autodetection doesn’t work well, it may be helpful to turn it off and speak by tapping between the two microphones at the bottom of the app that appear when autodetection is turned off. In this way you can ensure that the ‌iPhone‌ is waiting for the correct language and translates it.

Note: The conversation mode in the OSiOS 14‌ beta seems to be a bit buggy and doesn’t always work well, as spoken languages ​​are sometimes not recognized. Apple will improve this feature during the beta trial period.

Attention mode

If you tap the extension icon (two arrows outwards) in landscape mode with the “iPhone” in landscape mode, the translated phrase is displayed in attention mode, also known as large letters, which take up the entire display of the “iPhone” for easier reading.

In this mode, the large text is useful for remotely viewing someone who is delivering your message when you cannot speak the language. Note that due to the zoom, this mode is more suitable for short phrases and sentences than for longer text.

Tapping the play button will speak the translation out loud, and tapping the conversation bubble icon will exit attention mode and return to conversation mode.


Any current translation can be saved as a favorite using the “Favorites” tab so that you can save and repeat your most frequently used translated phrases if necessary. Your most recent translations are also displayed on the Favorites tab.


When you tap on a word in any language in the translation app, the dictionary function provides definition and usage examples. This function is useful if you don’t know what a word in another language means.

Translations on the device

By default, translations are not performed on the device. However, if you download a language pack in the translation app, translations into and from this language can be carried out on the “iPhone” to ensure more data protection.

Translations that use offline languages ​​are on the device and private, and Apple has no access to the translated content. Offline languages ​​can be downloaded by tapping one of the language fields at the top of the translation app, scrolling to “Available offline languages” and tapping the download button next to the language you want to download.

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Guide to feedback

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