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Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup is said not to include 120Hz high refresh displays

Ming-Chi Kuo issued a new research note received from MacRumors, that says none The upcoming iPhone 12 phones from Apple include a super-refreshing ProMotion display – and that includes the more expensive Pro models. Kuo anticipates that Apple will move to a smoother refresh rate of 120 Hz with the iPhone lineup in 2021 next year.

This is pretty disappointing news as most modern flagship Android devices are now using high refresh screens from 90Hz to 120Hz. According to the reliable and proven Kuo, Apple will keep the iPhones on the traditional 60 Hz for another year. Some people won̵

7;t care or consider this some kind of deal breaker, but other tech enthusiasts will feel the sting. The smooth response of high refresh screens adds to the user experience and can make gaming more enjoyable.

Leaks and rumors over the past few months have pointed both ways as to whether Apple would increase the update rate on select iPhone 12 models. For a while, it was thought that at least the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Pro models could get ProMotion, with the new 5.4-inch size and 6.1-inch standard iPhone 12 stay at 60 Hz. Front Page Tech ‘s Jon Prosser recently shared screenshots and a video of a prototype iPhone 12 Pro Max, which he called “PVT”, which featured a settings screen with a toggle for “Enable high refresh rate”.

Image: Front Page Tech (YouTube)

In his video, Prosser said that “roughly half” of the iPhone 12 Pro Max PVT prototypes tested had a high refresh screen while others did not. You can see right in the screenshot that Apple has asked hardware testers to check whether your specific PVT model supports the function. It appears that the company tested both scenarios and, if Kuo is right, ultimately decided against 120Hz for another year.

As for the rest of Kuo’s report, he also mentions that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will have a slightly smaller notch than its bigger siblings, where the notch size will remain the same as the iPhone 11. The Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be very similar to the company’s two previous smartwatches, with a more significant redesign possible as early as next year.

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