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Apple's Macs could get a "pro mode" to improve performance

For most Apple products, the company typically decides how your devices work. This means that users don't have much control over it compared to other products and platforms. For example, if you want to determine whether the discrete GPU should be used compared to the GPU on the motherboard, this is entirely up to macOS.

However, it appears that Apple could offer users a little more control over how their computers work in the future. This is thanks to the people at 9to5Mac who discovered code that suggests that Apple could be on the lookout for the introduction of a "pro mode". This would effectively override certain limitations, such as fan speed and energy savings, to increase the overall performance of the computer.

We're not sure what difference Pro mode makes and how much we can expect to improve performance, but it gives users a bit more control and options when they need to increase performance gains from their computers. It was also suggested that the Pro mode, like "Do Not Disturb", is a temporary function and is reactivated after a day.

It has currently been suggested that Pro mode is only available for MacBook laptops, so it is unclear whether it could find its way into other Mac computers in the future.

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