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Apple’s new rules for game services like xCloud or Stadia are a joke

The video game industry isn’t all that happy with Apple right now.

In an attempt to expand an olive branch to streaming game services that were previously banned from the App Store, Apple has announced a series of new guidelines that will enable game streaming services like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia on the platform for the first time.

Beautiful or? Not correct. Many in the industry are aware of the new guidelines.

Apple’s old rules blocked these streaming apps from the app store. What this essentially means is that you cannot use them on iOS devices like iPhone. In August, when Facebook launched its iOS app for Facebook games, the social media company couldn̵

7;t record games.

At this point, Apple is verifying that the company will review app content before allowing it in the App Store. Because these video game streaming services offer an ever-changing selection of game titles, Apple believed that these types of apps were not allowed in the App Store.

However, these streaming services are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why Apple decided to open the doors of the App Store to services like xCloud and Stadia. However – and here’s the deal breaker – according to the game, every game available on these services would have to be submitted as a separate app in the App Store.

The guidelines seem to completely defeat the purpose of these services.

“This remains a bad experience for customers,” a Microsoft spokesman said in a statement to Mashable. “As with films or songs, players want to jump straight from a curated catalog to a game within an app and don’t have to download more than 100 apps to play individual games from the cloud.”

Microsoft has a point. Movie and music streaming services like Netflix and Spotify all have apps in the App Store. These services have a constantly updated catalog of multimedia content that can be accessed directly in the app.

Imagine if Apple had required Netflix to submit each movie for approval first before it was offered on the platform. There is little point in treating video games so differently. At least one expert believes Apple has its reasons.

“Either Apple has a fundamentally wrong understanding of how game streaming works, or these guidelines are designed to be ‘technical’ for these systems to work while ensuring that the requirements are high enough for Microsoft, Google, and other junior staff to work Just don’t do it I’m not getting involved, “Michael Futter, co-founder of consulting firm F-Squared and co-founder of the Virtual Economy Podcast, told Mashable.” Apple’s new guidelines on streaming show that the company has no interest in xCloud or Stadia on iOS. ”

Futter also asked what this means for similar video game services like SteamLink. Valve’s streaming app allows users to access their library of PC games. This appears to be against Apple’s new guidelines.

The Cupertino-based tech giant already has a close relationship with the gaming industry.

One of the most popular video games, Fourteen days, comes from the App Store due to a dispute over revenue sharing terms. The game’s developer, Epic Games, is embroiled in a lawsuit with the iPhone maker over Apple’s anti-competitive practices in the App Store.

It is clear that Apple views the gaming industry as a money-maker and wants a generous cut in anything that generates revenue from the availability of iOS. But industry experts like Futter believe Apple really does offer a great opportunity.

“Apple may have taken a small step forward,” he said.

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