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Apple's Project Titan could turn out to be an electric van

It has been rumored for some years that Apple is working on its own electric car. Subsequent rumors indicated that the company had abandoned its automotive ambitions, and the project now focused on developing software for autonomous cars. A new report in a German magazine suggests that the so-called "Project Titan" could ultimately lead to a product that is not a car, but an electric vehicle.

The Manager magazine hears from several sources not mentioned that Project Titan is not named for an electric car, as previously suggested. It is claimed that the project, which is still in the prototype stage, may be launched as an electric vehicle.

Prototypes of this product were reportedly spotted in black and silver colors. The report does not contain any information about the vehicles. Only that Apple actually tests Vans instead of cars, as previously thought. The engineers at Apple are now working inside this vehicle.

Apple is still a mother in what Project Titan is all about. There are several conflicting reports, some of which still suggest that the project is nothing but software for autonomous cars that Apple wants to sell to traditional automakers. However, it seems that many are still signing the possibility that Apple could build a real car. Whatever it will do, it was not expected that Apple's "car" will arrive by 2023 at the earliest. So we have to wait a while to find out what the truth is.

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