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Apple’s second store in Bangkok will open on July 25th

Apple has completed the construction of its second retail store in Bangkok, Thailand, and will open the location to the public on Saturday, July 25th.

Apple has not added the new store to its list of stores in Thailand, but details of the opening date have been shared on Twitter and sent to MacRumors by reader Kangg.

The new store is located in front of the Central World shopping mall and complements Apple’s existing store in Thailand, Apple Iconsiam, which opened in November 2018.

During construction, a makeshift wall hid the new retail store from view, and while it’s still wrapped in a temporary black cover, the cylindrical glass design and flat, circular roof are visible.

Leaked architectural plans suggest that the store will have wooden product tables arranged in a ring around the floor of the store with shelves for displaying products on the walls. In the middle of the store is a spiral staircase to the second floor, where there is a forum area with a large video screen and tables for Today at Apple sessions.

Apple will likely take a detailed look at the new store when it opens to the public later this week.

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