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Apple’s Time Flies Event: Rumors, News, and Announcements

Apple, like every other company whose products are about to be released, has used virtual rooms to showcase its biggest tech announcements. After a virtual WWDC in June, the annual hardware season begins on Tuesday, September 15, with an event called “Time Flies”. We will cover the event with our live blog.

Under normal circumstances, when a pandemic has not yet spread worldwide, Apple usually announces new iPhones in mid-September. Despite the timing, you’ll likely see some Apple Watch hardware announcements first. After all, given the name of the event, it would make sense.

Perhaps there will be more than just Apple Watch upgrades in stock on September 15th. Rumor has it that Apple will have a few announcements this year, including an updated iPad Air, smaller HomePod, over-ear headphones, and several new iPhone models.

Regardless of which product is announced, you can find all the news, announcements, and more below.

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