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Apple's video service set for April launch

Meanwhile, it is no secret that Apple is working on its own video streaming service. The company was busy with TV show producers, writers, actors and bought shows and films for its catalog, but the big question is when the service will start. After the recent rumors it seems that we can probably expect the start in April of this year.

This is in line with an earlier report suggesting that the service could start next spring, so starting in April sounds right. Based on the report, the streaming service with the original content will be available to device owners for free and will also offer subscriptions to other streaming services. These are supposedly Starz, Showtime and Viacom.

As with other services like HBO and Netflix, there is a chance they will not belong. Apple appears to be in talks with HBO, but is not too advanced in negotiations, and Amazon is currently offering HBO a very lucrative deal compared to Apple that could affect HBO's decision.

Many have urged Apple to make a decision subscription service, as it offers a more stable revenue stream compared to purchasing purchases. Some analysts have also predicted that Apple could make a lot of money with its service segment, which includes Apple Music.

Posted in Apple> General> Rumors Given how competitive the field is, it remains to be seen if Apple has everything to succeed. Read more about Apple TV, entertainment and movies.

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