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Apple’s virtual WWDC was no better than the real one

I also think about the fact that we are having a lot of talks about race, racism, the black community and other under-represented black people in the technology industry. And I’ve heard that they have this experience where they look around and say, “OK, people here are mostly white.” This is the experience they have. And every year when you go, you can make this company your job, the commitment you have made to create a more diverse experience, and you can look around and say, “OK, does this happen??” As a woman, who often participates in these events, we do the bathroom joke line, but it’s not really a joke. There is very rarely a line for the women̵

7;s toilet because there are so few women at this conference, and every year when you go, when you see this line growing, you think, “Oh, OK, this year there are more women here. “And I think that’s a good thing. And if you can’t go in person, you don’t have to do these types of checks.

MC: Yes. Julian, what did you read about the cultural aspect of WWDC this year?

JC: Yes, I think it really depends on whether the developers like it or not. And I think in general everyone will be excited to get back to the normality of physical events in the real world. I checked Apple’s WWDC website earlier today, just a quick look. They have this new forum system where developers can view presentations and ask questions, and there are many questions that just go unanswered. They’re just hanging out there. Some of them have been marked as resolved and I’ve seen some answers, but if that’s the experience and I know there are one-on-ones that you can still plan, but if you are, you’re a developer when you’re at home , you say, “Cool. I want to ask a question.” And then you only have silence. This is sad and definitely something that … Of course it opens up more people, but I hope that in the future they will have more of a team that is more devoted to answering some of these questions if we do more virtual events.

MC: Yes. And I agree with you. And I think about Lauren, if you have this organic physical space where you can talk to other people and interact with other people, the more difficult questions that deal with the issues of culture, the issues of diversity and representation, Things that are much easier to discuss. If you give someone a web form where they can ask and ask this question publicly and then the question just gets stuck there and is never answered, it is a very dark future.

LG: Well, I hope we can return to events soon. I never thought I would say that because when Boone, who produces this show, and I went to the Samsung event in February, we said, “Do we really have to go to these tech events?” I’m here to say I would like to go to a crowded tech event right now.

MC: No, but just think of all the bad food.

LG: I would take the bad food if the bad germs went away.

MC: Well, we may get a chance to go to the phone in the fall, but it looks unlikely. And as far as we know, the first big event of the year, the CES 2021 in Las Vegas in January, isn’t over yet.

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