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AppLovin acquires Machine Zone and doubles in mobile games

AppLovin will take over Machine Zone, the maker of Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike, as it doubles in mobile games. The terms of the contract have not been announced and the acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals. However, the prize will be very interesting to discover, as Machine Zone has generated $ 5 billion over 310 million downloads over the course of its history, according to sensor tower measurement company.

Machine Zone is part of AppLovin’s global mobile gaming ecosystem with partner studios, which include Redemption Games, PeopleFun, Belka Games, Clipwire Games, Firecraft Studios and Geewa, as well as the in-house studio Lion Games. AppLovin, based in Palo Alto, California, has been making strategic investments in game studios since 201

8. However, this is probably the biggest business so far.

The Machine Zone, based in Palo Alto, debuted in 2008 for mobile games. The founders are Gabe Leydon, Halbert Nakagawa and Mike Sherrill. It had a huge success with the ambitious Game of War: Fire Age in 2012. It wasn’t praised for its great gameplay, but the game was addicting to strategy players who loved playing with fellow clans. Machine Zone followed this game with reskins similar to Mobile Strike in 2015 and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire in 2017.

Leydon left the company in 2018 to focus on the cryptocurrency market. Kristin Dumont, who was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2015, took over the management. The company’s gross sales peaked at an estimated $ 1.6 billion in 2016, according to Sensor Tower. One of Machine Zone’s eye-catching tactics at peak times was the use of well-known Hollywood stars like Kate Upton and Mariah Carey.

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Above: Game of War for iOS devices from the developer Machine Zone.

Photo credit: machine zone

AppLovin said it will combine talent, games and technology with Machine Zone to bring new immersive mobile games to the market and continue to help game developers successfully market and monetize their games. The collaboration will now begin and eventually lead to AppLovin moving its headquarters a mile away to the machine zone office in Palo Alto.

Machine Zone games brought free massively multiplayer online (MMO) mechanics to mobile devices. A proprietary RTE engine (Real-Time Engagement) was also developed. For a while, an attempt was made to turn this engine into a business to power real-time cellular networks such as the transportation system in New Zealand. Leydon renamed the company MZ to reflect the change in real-time networking technology.

But this business didn’t spread, and Machine Zone (renamed again) focused again on games under Dumont. Machine Zone recently started testing Crystalborne, but the game hasn’t started yet. So far, player spending on Machine Zone has reached $ 330 million this year, Sensor Tower said.

The company’s most popular game so far remains Game of War: Fire Age, which, according to Sensor Tower, raised more than $ 3 billion. The second largest game is Mobile Strike with Arnold Schwarzennegger, which has generated $ 1.4 billion since its launch in 2015. Final Sensor XV: A new empire, based on Square Enix’s license, has accumulated $ 760 million, according to Sensor Tower.

The acquisition of Machine Zone is a significant step forward for AppLovin, which started in 2012 as a mobile marketing company. With the opening of the in-house game studio Lion Studios in 2018, the company has changed a lot.

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