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Arms sales continue to flow despite orders to block

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A gun shop in Washington State in 2018.
photo:: Elaine Thompson (AP)

Wow, shocker: Gun deals in at least five states where gun dealers should close due to the coronavirus pandemic in April have refused and likely made tens of thousands of sales, according to a Report in USA Today in cooperation with the track.

According to USA Today, FBI data from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System show that there are gun shops in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, and New York Washington (all should be closed in April) has submitted tens of thousands of background verification requests required to complete the sale this month. There were 42,000 in Washington. Throughout the country, The newspaper wrote that the system recorded 2.9 million checks in April – the fourth-highest month in 1998 records.

In addition, in some states where arms deals were closed in April, NICBCS processed more requests than in April 2019 when there were no restrictions. The number rose by 45 percent in Washington and by 15 percent in New Mexico. Michigan gained an impressive 112 percent, although USA Today wrote that this may be due in part to the alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives office decided on March 3rd that arms sales in the state are more of a full background check than one simple submission of an existing covert carry license.

In New York, NICBCS requests remained only slightly above normal year on year, while in Massachusetts they declined by 66 percent.

T.The initiation of a check does not necessarily mean that a sale has been completed. IIt could simply mean that it is a federally licensed arms dealer Processing an online order for personal collection at a time when they open again. And the statistics could This includes orders from department stores like Walmart that remain open and continue to sell Elaine Thompson. But several arms dealers made it clear to USA Today and The Trace that they will remain open because they believe they do not have to comply with the law.

“I would say I should be closed,” said Dennis Brown, owner of Shoreline Tactical from Washington, the newspaper. “… people can’t get their guns, so I decided to stay open only by appointment.”

Guns Galore of Fenton, Michigan owner Shawn Brancheau told USA Today and The Trace that he had classified his business as a material deal because he believed the state’s shutdown order was unconstitutional: “At a time like this, central defense must be considered by the governor … Either there is no second change or you have the right to carry weapons.”

Steve Hayes of Hasting, Michigan’s Bob’s Gun & Tackle Shop Inc., claimed that the law was too vague to determine whether it should be left open, so he chose it more: “The local authorities have different answers. It was very confusing for many shopkeepers and probably customers as well when they see a shop closed and a shop open. “

A gun shop owner in Aztec, New Mexico, told USA Today that despite multiple visits by law enforcement agencies, he remained open to feed his family while others claimed to be released by the local authorities or said they had loopholes found (in one case, as a retail company in New York, where retail businesses give an employee the ability to process online orders). Outside of New Mexico, USA Today and The Trace, little evidence was found that the authorities wanted to enforce the orders outside of New Mexico, where six owners received injunctions and injunctions.

Larry Keane, General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told the newspaper that In some cases, the authorities had instructed the gun stores not to close, “because law enforcement agencies buy equipment there to do the job.” Former Drug Enforcement Administration agent and background testing system expert, Anthony Coulson, told the newspaper that the gun dealings were joking about the shutdown orders: “What is the motivation for implementing a non-essential order if it is not enforced and has no effect ? “

Arms sales have increased in the past few months, as is often the case during a national crisis or when gun lovers are anticipating raids on gun ownership. In March the The New York Times reported The Around two million weapons were sold across the country.

A wave of protests across the country against the shutdown orders in several cases armed right-wing extremistswas also tied to the gun lobby in some cases. Several large anti-quarantine groups have been on Facebook attributed to the Dorr familywho are board members of the American Firearms Coalition and are active in or advise on numerous pro-gun state coalitions.

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