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"Artemis Fowl" skips the cinemas for Disney + – TechCrunch

With cinemas largely closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Disney is pushing back its list of upcoming films. And at least one film won't make it to the cinemas at all, instead "Artemis Fowl" goes straight to streaming.

The company announced today that the film will debut exclusively on Disney + and the release date will soon be revealed.

All Hollywood studios strive to adapt to the theater closings. NBCUniversal broke the cinema window by releasing "The Hunt", "The Invisible Man" and "Emma" as streaming rentals while they were said to still be in theaters. "Trolls World Tour" will be digitally released on April 1

0th – the same day as its official theatrical release.

Other studios followed this example. There were also reports that Paramount had signed a contract to debut the Kumail Nanjiani / Issa Rae comedy "The Lovebirds" on Netflix instead of in theaters, but there was no announcement or release date yet.

Disney has already brought “Frozen 2” to Disney + early, then more aggressive steps for the Pixar film “Onward”, which was released digitally a few weeks after its release in the cinema and now starts on Disney +.

Director: Kenneth Branagh, "Artemis Fowl" tells the story of a young criminal mastermind of the same name and is based on a series of fantasy novels for young adults by Eoin Colfer. The release was originally scheduled for August 9, 2019 before being postponed until May 29 of this year.

So why not again, as Disney does with other films? In theaters it may be less safe than "Mulan", "Black Widow" or even "Jungle Cruise".

"Director Kenneth Branagh and his spectacular cast take audiences straight to the beloved book's vibrant fantasy world that fans have been waiting for years to bring to life on screen," said Ricky Strauss, president of content and marketing at Disney +, in a statement, "It's great family entertainment that is the perfect complement to Disney + & # 39; s summer program."

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