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As a tech journalist, my life is a meme right now – Technology News, Firstpost

If you’ve been on social media at all lately, you’ve probably seen the How It Started versus How It’s Going meme. This week as I covered the Apple event and the OnePlus 8T launch, I was impressed with how well my (and that of many other tech journalists) work life would fit in with this meme. And not at all in the Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles way!

How it started:

For the last six years of my career, work has meant a grueling exam-like schedule of events that spread over the summer and then into October, canonically known as Techtober.

A huge hype cycle of news, predictions and analysis.

Late nights at work were the norm. It was exhausting but exciting.

The most exciting thing was when you were right there! Large auditoriums, events that felt like concerts (sometimes there was actually a concert), excited faces, last minute predictions, meeting friends and ex-colleagues in the industry, listening to a canard, sharing a shu-shu and the am Most invigorating was the idea of ​​being one of the first to experience new technology.

Most of the kick-off events have experience stands where you can briefly use the equipment, play around with it and get to know yourself. Typically, I would take a quick video with the new device and share my two cents on social media.

Tech journalists also tend to travel a lot for these events. For example, the Apple event takes place in Cupertino, Google̵

7;s event in San Francisco, Samsung hosts its events in New York.

Then at the beginning of each year there are the biggest tech conferences like the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona and the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. These are usually three / four day events and they are a whole new experience. People from all over the world take part in these events and brands bring their goods with them. You meet new people, you eat new food, you experience a whole new world of technology.

    As a tech journalist, my life is a meme right now

That’s me at MWC 2019 against me RN.

How are you:

It came in 2020. With the world locked due to the coronavirus outbreak, major tech events are either canceled or held virtually – an anomaly in my life as a tech writer.

Launch events now mean getting ready for a live stream, blogging live about everything you see on the webcast, and then writing an article about the launch. No crowd cheers. No device to experience. Nothing.

Most of these virtual launch events aren’t even live. The whims of a congested internet mean that it’s usually best to put things together as best you can, which means they are often pre-recorded.

Immersion sessions for a device that is about to launch are now also virtual. While brands go out of their way to let us know about upcoming devices via video calls, and we usually have the devices in advance, it just doesn’t feel like that anymore.

Covering these events and creating content is also very different, especially when it comes to videos. We used to have a team and crew that worked together to create videos. Now everyone is a one-person team.


It was like this. That’s how it works. Further to Techovember.

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