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Asus ROG and IKEA Partners for Gaming Furniture Company – Retailers – News

Asus wrote to HEXUS about a new partnership with furniture giant IKEA. The company’s ROG PC gaming division will develop gaming furniture and accessories for IKEA stores worldwide. This partnership aims to bring play furniture designs with a compelling mix of affordability and comfort to the masses – and it hopes customers will “Find fun ways to get more victories, from the bedroom to the basement”. Asus ROG IKEA furniture will be launched in February 2021 and will initially consist of around 30 products.

A mix of furniture and accessories will be launched in China first (next February) before launching globally from October. An IKEA blog post publishes some photos from a recent workshop by Asus ROG and IKEA players in Shanghai, but I can̵

7;t see any sure clues about the product range in the pictures. A picture shows executives thinking about a Bekant corner switch, but they may be talking about how inappropriate it is instead of praising it. In addition, the range is announced as “all things new”.

Asus ROG IKEA furniture and accessories are designed for that “Increase the performance and integrate wonderfully into your home.” So it probably won’t be garish, fancy, or RGB infused, but based largely on the simple IKEA design lines that make it popular.

Asus ROG talks about IKEA helping with the creation “The perfect game room that works both comfortably and allows complete immersion in games.” It is assumed that there are synergies between the know-how in the area of ​​furniture design at IKEA and the innovative gaming solutions from Asus in order to make these products attractive. Good ergonomics should play a decisive role in this partnership.

In addition to the meeting in Shanghai photographed here, Asus and IKEA said they held many personal and virtual meetings at the IKEA Product Development Center (Shanghai) and the Asus Design Center (Taipei and Shanghai), during which they worked together for several hundred hours. These products include brainstorming , Design, development, tests, experiments and modifications.

As mentioned in the intro, this line of furniture and accessories will be launched in China next February, but it is unlikely that we will be able to browse and purchase such products here in the west until next October.

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