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Atari launches cryptocurrency along with its new game console

Not only is Atari returning after two decades on the sidelines of console gaming, it’s also jumping headfirst into cryptocurrency.

The retro gaming giant is introducing a digital currency called Atari Token, which users can use to purchase games on its new Atari VCS gaming system.

The tokens will go on sale on the Bitcoin.com Exchange for 25 cents a pop beginning October 29, Bloomberg reports, and Atari will sell 4 million of those. Although they are initially only used to purchase games and make in-game purchases on the console, the hope is that the token will be used at some point throughout the game.

First announced in 2017, the VCS will be released the same month as Sony’s new PlayStation 5 and Microsoft̵

7;s Xbox Series X. Despite the high-level competition, CEO Frederic Chesnais said Atari can cause a sensation.

“We have a brand, we have a following – we think we will definitely get some exposure,” Chesnais told Bloomberg.

The console is offered as part of a bundle that includes 100 classic games plus two controllers for $ 390.

The VCS has a retro look and feel, runs on a Linux-based operating system and promises “a comprehensive PC experience for the television” that can handle streaming, apps, social media, Internet surfing and music, said Atari.

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