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Atlanta-based Speedscale now has $ 2.2 million more to grow its API test automation business – TechCrunch

It was only a few weeks after his Y-combiner Demo day debut for the Atlanta-based API Test automation company Speedscale raises its first $ 2.2 million.

Founded by longtime developers and the Georgia Institute of Technology Alumni Ken Ahrens, Matthew LeRay and Nate Lee had known each other for about twenty years before they set out to work together.

A cumbersome way of combining programming jobs in the developer and supervisory areas led the three men to realize that there was an opportunity to tackle one of the main struggles new programmers now face ̵

1; ensuring updates to API integrations In a containerized programming world it is not possible to put an end to broken apps or services.

“We helped resolve incidents and incidents that would cause downtime,” said Lee. “It’s difficult to ensure the quality between all of these connection points [between applications]. And these connection points grow as people add apis and containers. We said, ‘How about we solve this space? How can we prevent all of this and make sure release speed is maintained with scalable automation? ‘”

Typically, companies release new updates to the code in a phased approach or in a test lab to make sure they don’t break anything. Speedscale suggests test automation with real traffic so developers can speed up the release time.

“You want to change very often,” said Ahrens about the development life cycle. “Most changes are great, but every now and then they make changes and break part of the system. The state of the art is to wait for it to break and get someone to fix it quickly. “

The pitch that SpeedScale developers make is that its service can give coders the ability to identify the issues before they are released. You automate the creation of the staging environment, automation suite, and orchestration to create that environment.

“When I saw the rise of Kubernetes, one of the big things for me was that the engineers were able to give the developers more autonomy, but nobody came up with a great way to validate, and I really think this Speedscale can solve that problem. “

The Atlanta-based company that just graduated from Y Combinator According to LeRay, the company is currently in a closed alpha with selected pilot partners a few months ago. The nine-month-old company raised $ 2.2 million from investors such as Sierra Ventures from the Bay Area and Atlanta’s own Tech Square Ventures to grow the business.

“Apis are a huge market,” said Ahrens of the potential opportunity for the company. “There are 11 million developers going against Apis … We believe the addressable market for us is billions.”

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