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Barn find! 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III for more than $ 300,000

Another week, another barn find as more iconic Australian muscle cars come out of the woodworks.

ONE 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III that’s a little worse for wear and tear, not in its original condition – and Engine is missing ̵

1; is expected to bring in a lot more cash when it goes up for auction this week.

The auction house Grays Online assumes that the bids will be achieved over $ 300,000. When this article was published, the bid was over $ 200,000 just 200 hours after the online auction.

It is one of only 300 high-performance road vehicles that Ford built for motorsport in the early 1970s – fewer than 100 real examples are believed to still exist.

The vehicle is offered for sale on behalf of a deceased estate and is “sold as found”.

The vehicle’s bonafides have been authenticated by the seller, although the car has seen numerous changes over the years.

The buyer will likely restore it to its original condition, which could increase its value to more than $ 500,000.

Previous prices paid for a Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III include $ 640,000 for a pristine example just four months ago.

For the past few years, prices have been over $ 700,000. About a decade ago, they reportedly got their hands on $ 1 million, although that amount has not been verified or publicly released.

There are no mechanics in this car (pictured above and below) and it is only considered a “rolling body”.

Stickers on the rear window and dashboard indicate that the car may have been used in drag racing at some point in its life.

Although the buyer will have to tow it, replacement parts are included, including a Ford V8 engine block, top loading gearbox and Cobra jet shaker, plus a replacement radiator.

Please see the video below for more information.

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