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Battlemage Royale Spellbreak now has Duos mode

If you missed it in the flood of summer display cases, there’s a new battle royale on the block. Spellbreak is pulling out firearms in favor of sorcerers, who can each wield two magical gauntlets that mix the elements in colorful combos. The Battlemage Royale launched a Duos mode today to match its current solos or squads with three options. The proletariat also took part in a PAX panel over the weekend, which looked at the history of the game’s evolution from melee Viking royale to explosive mage battlefield. Warning: there are bears.

As with Battle Royale games, Spellbreak throws you at a map where you battle other players to be the final mage. Each player chooses an elementary class and gains more combat skills as the game progresses. A shrinking safety zone surrounded by the magic storm forces players closer together as they search for better gear hidden on the map. Fairly familiar, except that all of the Avatar Aang elements attack each other.

Spellbreak was launched on September 3rd with only one game mode for groups of three magicians to fight against other teams. Next, a solo mode was added and duos went live today. Personally, teams of two are my favorite format for battle royale games. Bigger squads get a little hectic ̵

1; even more so when everyone is casting spells, as I can imagine – and solos are a little too lonely. I just like being able to bring a talented friend who can maybe lead me to victory. I admit it. Thanks, Spellbreak.

Incidentally, the proletariat also held a panel for this year’s online PAX to talk about the history of the game’s development.

Of all things, Spellbreak apparently began as a melee royale named Ragnarok over beefy Viking guys. It turns out that a melee royale with a Dark Souls-inspired battle never came together in the way the proletariat wanted. They highlight all sorts of issues the team encountered while trying to get the melee royale working, from balancing the technical battle to encouraging players to actually fight instead of just facing the enemies forever escape.

Another feature that never quite made it into the early Ragnarok was vehicles. Ah, Vikings with vehicles. What’s the point of that, right? Well, their vehicles were obviously bears. I’ll try to contain my sobs over losing a possible bear-mounted battle royale. You need to see the concept art for this, however. Come on, proletariat. Battle mages might still ride bears, right?

You can find more information about Spellbreak in the last update post of the proletariat. Duos mode is now active as planned. As with almost every online multiplayer game, Spellbreak competes with scammers, a “fair number” of whom have already been banned. The proletariat also mentions the work on changes to the gameplay to balance the playing field between elementary classes and control some of the chaos in the final moments of the game when the magic storm has reached its smallest point. They plan to release a suitable roadmap in the next few months detailing the upcoming changes to Spellbreak.

You can download Spellbreak for free from the Epic Games Store. It supports multiplayer with other platforms, so you can chat with your friends playing on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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