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Battletoads is coming back to PC and Xbox One this summer

Battletoads, most of the nineties of franchise companies, returned to the gaming scene in August after sleeping for a quarter of a century. Microsoft and developer Dlala Studios in particular are finally releasing Battletoads 2020. If you are a teenager and don’t know what you want, I recommend you watch the trailer:

The new Battletoads The game was unveiled rather unexpectedly at the 201

8 Microsoft E3 show. Fans have been demanding an HD remake for years – GameInformer has added it to a list of series that deserve a revival in 2010. The series became more popular when the original 1991 NES game was re-released as part of the Rare repetition Collection (which, as Microsoft announced in its release announcement, is available on Xbox Game Pass).

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Microsoft promotes the genre mishmash of the game with vehicle sections, bullet hell and “even solve a bit of a riddle ”, mixed with the beat em up gameplay. You will apparently also be able to bring friends with 3-person couch co-op into play. Considering that it will also be released on Steam, which offers Remote Play Together, it probably means that you can play with almost anyone when you are on the PC.

If I can find a word to describe the game based on what has been shown so far, the dominant word I would use to describe it would be “stupid”. It doesn’t look like it takes itself or games in general seriously. While jokes in the trailer don’t have the most nifty punch lines, I’ll be very honest when I say this will be what I need in late August. At this point, the games I’ve played the most in the previous three months will be Last of us part 2, Spirit of Tsushima, and Mafia 2 Remastered. If you lacked the energy of the nineties – understandable, because the lock is getting a little old, even for an introverted turtle like me – then Battletoads will satisfy your needs no matter how confident.

Battletoads 2020 will be released on August 20 on Xbox One and Steam. It is also available to Game Pass subscribers on the same day.

Phew, hey you!

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