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BBC and ITV announce British "BritBox" streaming service for rival Netflix

UK broadcasters ITV and BBC have announced joint plans to create "BritBox," a subscription streaming service for British viewers that can compete with Netflix (via Reuters ).

The two companies already offer a similarly named streaming service for the US, but today's news concerns a new video-on-demand service for British viewers that will provide subscribers with a location that features both popular television series and Even originals can be viewed ITV boss Carolyn McCall explains how they program.

"This offers a unique collection of British box sets and original series in one place," she said.

"We expect more partners to be added to BritBox, and we will discuss our proposals with regulators as well as with the industry as a whole."

The service is expected to be launched in the second half of 201

9 and will be offered at competitive prices. Both broadcasters said that no details were provided.

The BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub are already offering free view streaming services to UK viewers with limited programming. The broadcasters, however, show that viewers prefer streaming and are willing to add another service, Amazon Prime and Sky, to current subscriptions such as Netflix.

The BritBox streaming service for US audiences should be better than expected as it has already broken through targets with over half a million subscribers.

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