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Bernhard Meyer-Klenk, experience shower inventor, has died

You may not know the name Bernhard Mayer-Klenk, inventor and founder of a German company called Kemitron GmbH, but if you are an acolyte of luxury showering, you owe it to your entire existence. Mayer-Klenk, who died in November at the age of 78, was the genius who invented the Experience Shower which basically gets clean in a quiet rave populated by aromatherapy diffusers. (At least that's how I imagine it, because despite years of effort I still did not have the privilege to use or set up one of my rental apartments.)

Mayer-Klenk was particularly obsessed with the fragrance that came according to the professional website leisureopportunities.co.uk he introduced a more advanced showering experience that I discovered through my Google alert for "showers". His "curiosity and creativity spur countless innovations in the spa and wellness markets," writes leisureopportunities.co.uk, and his company Kemitron is "renowned for its high-quality essential oils and fragrance dosing systems, which represent an essential element in the development of the shower experience , "The fragrance section on the Kemitron website is a veritable treasure trove of fragrances, revealing the philosophy that fragrance opens up new and infinite possibilities not only for pleasure but also for the development of sensory perception:

Fragrances can long since be forgotten Releasing memories and keeping them alive as if they were just yesterday.

This phenomenon is referred to by experts as the "Proust effect" ̵

1; most importantly an important work by the French writer Marcel Proust "In Search of Lost Time". There he describes a young man who suddenly remembers the smell of freshly baked Madeleines long-forgotten episodes of his childhood. The richness of detail of this reminder shows how immense the power of a single fragrance can be.

They also have an LED lamp shower, which is my platonic ideal for Kemitron shower showers, and a blend of advanced progressive showering technology in Kemitrons own obituary "the fragrances with the elaborate electromechanical systems mentioned above combined to automate and facilitate processes. "What an icon. Here is a poem about Meyer-Klenk, written by René Pier:

A life, a touch of scent

With great skill, the best ingredients put together

With much kindness and humility to the absoluteness of nature

19659009] Grounded with both legs …… and disappeared in the wind

But as with any great scent, the emotional impression remains,

the eternal memory

In context, it seems appropriate that the inventor of what I like the rave Shower was German; it has all the elements of 23.00 clock. until 7pm in the afternoons I've attended in Berlin, carefully considering the customers who want to leave the venue to go home and get clean, but reluctantly leave the mood they've gotten used to want. Instead of leaving the club and walking directly into a sterile, oppressive environment of cold steel showerheads and dazzling white tiles, Meyer-Klenk's invention allows for a gentle immersion in the real world, the sensation of rain and soothing LED lights perfect for the morning come down. That's true generosity, and frankly I'm right next to me.

Bernhard Meyer-Klenk is survived by his wife Ingeborg, his son Stephen, his daughter Susanne, three grandchildren and all of us all around the world whose only desire is to live up to it. Take a quiet shower with us Also spoiled with eucalyptus and visuals. Rest in peace a genius.

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