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Best cheap e-bikes and electric scooters under $ 500

There is a wide range of e-bikes and electric scooters at equally great prices. The more you spend, the better the bells and whistles and performance get. However, this does not mean that no offers can be found. Here is a list of the best electric rideables that I tested for $ 500 or less.

You can find both e-bikes and electric scooters on this list. Most of them are designed for short distance travel, e.g. B. to cover the last mile of your commute or a short errand. They are not intended for long-distance travelers or speed demons.

Because of their current popularity and production slowdowns due to COVID-1

9, Availability can be met or missed. I’ve also listed the prices they usually sell at so you can keep an eye out for price kernels.

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The Mongoose React E4 electric scooter – one of three currently on offer – is specially designed for children ages 13 and up and supports riders up to 176 pounds. The specs are good for the $ 230 price, including driving up to 6 miles at a top speed of 15 mph. It has a motor with a hub that is powered by a lithium battery that takes around 3 hours to charge, or you can use it as a kick scooter. The E4’s rubber wheels are hair under 6 inches (152 mm) so avoid potholes.

Although this scooter is recommended for teenagers, my 7 year old ran tests on this one. I am well over the recommended weight for this product. She has tested others with me and the height-adjustable handlebars made it easy for her to ride.

The start went smoothly and because it was so light, the battery life lasted longer than Mongoose’s claims for heavier riders. The only area she needed to be careful about was the electric brakes: they were extremely quick to react to their size and weight. The rear spoiler brake was a safer choice as both brake options shut the engine off.

The scooter has a stand but can be folded down for storage and weighs just under 19 pounds. It is made of aluminum and feels very robust. My only knock would be the plastic gas and the thumb tabs for the brakes. As a device for teenagers, I want something as childproof as possible. Announcement of the Mungo Toy Fair.

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Ideal for commuters with limited storage space. The Swagtron EB5 Pro is a foldable bike with pedal assistance and an electric motor that also has its own throttle valve (so you don’t actually have to pedal). On a full battery, it can travel up to 15 miles at a speed of 15 miles per hour. This folding electric bike has a single speed and you can even turn off all powered functions and use them like a normal bike. It weighs a solid 37 pounds and the seat supports riders up to 264 pounds, but when the seat is folded down this ride is surprisingly small. Check out our Swagtron EB5 Pro gallery.

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The Levy Electric Scooter is included on this list because of its value for money. An electric scooter that can reach 30 mph, costs around $ 500, weighs just under 30 pounds, and has a removable battery is a pretty good all-round deal. Levy can also rent scooters through his iOS and Android apps.

The Levy has air-filled tires that ensure a comfortable ride. The battery is located in the steering tube, unlike many other scooters, so you get a degree of body flexibility on bumpy roads that is similar to that of a longboard. I really appreciate that the battery is replaceable too. Anyone with a yard or stairs can leave it locked and remove the battery to recharge it.

The Levy is rated for about 15 miles on a full charge, but that’s not the top speed. I would say most drivers would realistically get about seven to 10 miles. However, because it’s removable, you can buy a second battery for $ 139 and take it with you.

Take a closer look at our gallery of the Levy Electric Scooter.

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The Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite is the lowest cost product on this list, and that’s its biggest feature. This collapsible e-scooter doesn’t beat any of the products mentioned here, but at $ 299 it’s hard to complain that it’s not the best electric scooter on the overall market. It has a single 250 watt motor that doesn’t put out a lot of torque but can reach a steady driving speed of 14 to 16 mph. The stated travel distance is approximately 11 miles with a fully charged battery with a lithium-ion battery that charges in 3.5 hours. The maximum supported weight is 320 pounds and the e-scooter weighs 26 pounds. Although it supports taller riders, its low power engine may result in a slower start and a slowdown in the incline. It can also lose its charge more quickly. See our gallery of the Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite.

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If you’re in an area where year round isn’t an option, Unagi offers a subscription service for its E500 scooter, which happens to be one of our most popular last mile scooters.

Equipped with two 250 watt motors, the E500 is made of carbon fiber and aluminum and weighs a hair under 27 pounds. The scooter costs $ 990 but costs $ 39 if paid monthly or $ 34 if paid monthly. It is currently available in New York and Los Angeles. More cities will be announced. There is a one-time setup fee of $ 50. The scooter is hand-delivered within 24 hours of signing up and includes a basic tutorial on how to use it safely. And if you ever run into performance issues, Unagi can offer you a replacement within a 24 hour window.

The electric scooter can support riders up to 270 pounds, have a top speed of 18 mph and travel distance of 15 miles. To stop the scooter, simply use the electric ABS brake or apply some pressure on the rear spoiler brake on steep hills.

Other nice features are the bright display, which is easy to see in sunlight. Instead of sticking a bell on the scooter, they attached an electric horn loud enough to be heard through a closed car window. You can find more information about this electric scooter in our gallery of the Unagi E500. Read more about the Unagi E500.

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