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Best Oscars Memories for 2019: Donald Trump's Hair, Chris Evans as Captain, Aquamans Scrunchie

Did the stage of the Sunday Academy Awards seem familiar? Maybe a little presidency? The swooping golden elements that outlined the stage reminded some social media users of the hairstyle of President Donald Trump.

"If you're all wondering if the Oscars stage is really like Trump's hair, you're not alone!" Tweeted Elena Nicolaou.

After all the controversy surrounding the show, which has no presenter, it turns out they may not need one. Instead, the awards ceremony began with Queen and Adam Lambert to rock, and the fans start rocking.

Chris Evans can not resist behaving like the obliging Captain America, even at the Academy Awards. Regina King won Sunday's Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for If Beale Street Could Talk. In addition, she won the arm of Cap, who brought her safely on the stage. Some fans were embarrassed.

Tuxedos and dresses are commonplace at the Academy Awards, but actor and singer Billy Porter managed to both combine.

Porter wore a black velvet outfit by Christian Siriano, styled like a tuxedo in the top half, and a dress with a loose skirt in the bottom half. "Billy Porter dressed for the 3019 Oscars," slammed a Twitter user.

The look definitely had a Gone With the Wind vibe, with a hint of Scarlett O. & # 39; Hara and her love Rhett Butler

Aquaman star Jason Momoa also turned around when he appeared with wife Lisa Bonet and for some reason as a hair accessory as a bracelet.

Women often complain that their clothes have no pockets, but the star of Crazy Rich Asians, Gemma Chan, even had pockets in her amazing fuschia Dress, and fashion fans had opinions. Some loved it, but one Twitter user commented, "At least Gemma Chan got pockets on her dress, it makes it a little less disgusting."

And Jennifer Lopez's dress did it with mirrors.

While Emma Stone's gown recalled some waffles and butter and some a meatier meal.

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