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Best Prime Day TV Deals: Save $ 60 on Toshiba 32-inch Fire TV and $ 1,000 on 65-inch Sony OLED

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 happens now and runs today, Wednesday October 14th. If you’re looking to get a bargain price on a new TV, the event has significant discounts on large and small screens from brands like Sony and Samsung, as well as lesser-known brands like Element and Westinghouse. Don’t forget the Roku deals too. In an unusual twist this year, however, many of the best TV deals aren̵

7;t on Amazon at all, but on Best buy, Walmart, Target and Sam’s Club.

We’ll update this story with the latest Prime Day deals in this category as more deals become available.

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The best Prime Day TV offers so far

Update, Wednesday October 14th: From noon there are only a few new blockbuster TV offers on Amazon. The $ 120 32-inch Fire TV is a solid bargain, but not as good as the Walmart 32-inch Roku TV. A 43-inch Fire TV sold out for $ 200 at the same price. The best bargains that can still be found on cheap TVs are at Walmart and Target, and you can still find some great prices on high-end models at Best Buy, including a Sony OLED and a big Samsung.


If you’re looking to buy a TV for less than $ 100, JVC’s LT-32MAW205 might be just the thing. After all, Roku is integrated in this 32-inch HD television (with a resolution of 720p). So when you factor in what you are spending on a Roku media player, you can get the TV for around $ 70. This set has three HDMI inputs, USB and a range of audio and video connections.

With a regular price of $ 130, you can save about 24% during sales while supplies last.


The television sets actually sold by Amazon are initially this Fire TV Edition (model 32LF221U21) from Toshiba. We didn’t love the 2019 version of this TV because the Fire TV menus put too much weight on the Amazon content and are generally more confusing compared to the simplicity of Roku TV. But it has Alexa built in, and maybe that’s worth another $ 20 more than the JVC mentioned above.


This item is a 50-inch 4K TV with HDR and just like the JVC above, it is running our favorite smart TV operating system, Roku TV. It has three HDMI inputs. That price is the lowest for a 50-inch smart TV we’ve seen so far on Prime Day, beating the previous champion, a JVC Roku TV at Walmart, by $ 18.


Do you feel a pattern here? Once again, the best price for a certain size on Prime Day isn’t on Amazon or a Fire TV (yet), but on a different brand and Roku TV from another retailer. As with the models above, what we like about this model is the Roku operating system and the affordable price.

Sarah Tew / CNET

So far, the TVs on this list are bargain models without the kinds of picture quality features that really make good video, including high dynamic range, shine. Vizio’s M-Series features local full array dimming that improves contrast and brightness. We haven’t tested this TV yet and while we don’t expect it to work as well as the TCL 6 series, it is a little cheaper especially during this sale.

The price below is for the 65-inch model, but Sam’s Club also has the 55-inch model for $ 429, also $ 50 off. Read more about the 2020 Vizio M series.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The 65-inch XBR-X900H is the first TV on this list that we reviewed. It has the lowest price ever compared to its original list price of $ 1,600 and is now just $ 100 more than the competing TCL 6 series. This excellent Sony packs the Android TV operating system, plus great picture quality and next-generation connectivity that outperforms the Roku and other similar devices – in time for the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Sure, it’s a big price increase over the other three here, but the savings are great too.

To update: Sony has also cut the price of the 75-inch to $ 1,600, a $ 900 savings. And although both sizes appear to be sold out on Amazon, they are still available at Best Buy. Read our Sony XBR-65X900H review.


If the Sony above is a good TV, this one is even better. This is because it uses OLED technology, which in our tests delivers significantly better picture quality than any other non-OLED TV. We haven’t tested the A8H yet, but based on our experience, we believe it will be almost as good as the best OLED TV we’ve tested – LG’s CX – for $ 700 less at the 65-inch size . The A8H is currently at all-time lows with major retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. The 65-in. (Listed below) costs $ 1,800 and the 55-in. Is $ 1,300.


Samsung’s QLED is nowhere near as good as OLED, but this TV is a lot bigger and cheaper than the one from Sony mentioned above. The Q60T is Samsung’s most affordable QLED series and doesn’t offer any image quality benefits like local dimming with full array. We haven’t tested the Q60T yet, but based on its specs, we doubt it will work as well as TVs such as the 75-inch TCL 6 series. On the other hand, this price is $ 200 below the TCL value. So if size is more your thing than maximum image quality, this is something you should think about.

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