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Best Video Editing Software For YouTube


Videos have a lasting influence on your audience rather than written content. Visual media tends to be more engaging and it has the superpower to present an idea in a more compelling manner.

People all over the world prefer watching videos over any other form of media because of the ease of understanding, variety of formats, and wide availability at affordable prices. But, the audience is becoming smarter every day. They know the difference between a good and a lousy video; hence the creators need to curate videos that pleases them.

The Emergence of Youtube and its Position Today 

Multiple platforms have plenty of videos made and uploaded every single day, but YouTube is the head turner among all. Listed below are some statistics that will leave your mouth wide open:

  • YouTube has 2 billion users around the world, and this is because of its simplicity and terrific user interface of the platform.
  • YouTube is the world’s second most popular social media platform, with about 80% of internet users utilising it for viewing and uploading videos.
  • 8 out of 1
    0 marketers believe that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform.

What Editing Does and why is it Important? 

The video that you shoot and the output that you already have visualised are never the same. But, editing gives the power to mould the videos in a completely different way and as per your requirements and imagination.

Editing is an art; it is a skill that needs practice and gets polished with time. You might have shot plenty of videos, but still, you might be hesitant in putting them up, right? We are here to help you with the same.

The big question, how to edit videos for YouTube is going to be solved in the next lines with the mention of some genuinely unique software for the same.

Some Editing Software for Windows

  1. Wax: Wax can be used as a plug-in to other software along with the potential of being used as stand-alone software. It has fundamental features which can make you feel a bit limited in comparison to other advanced software mentioned below.
  2. Wondershare Filmora 9 Video Editor: To mark your identity and for your video to stand out among billions of videos online, you need to edit your video to give it a professional and detailed look. Wondershare helps you do that as it is an advanced video editing software with multiple advanced features. It enables you to edit video and audio using various fabulous effects and also has a wide colour range to give the feel that you want as an editor.
  3. Vegas Pro: This software is for all those who genuinely want to invest their time and energy in video editing for premium quality YouTube videos. This software is a bit detailed and not very intuitive as most of the other software for video editing. It will demand time to learn features like the interface, too is a bit tricky to come across. This software consists of numerous parts which are quite advanced like 3D animations, colour correction, chroma-keying, etc.
  4. ZS4 Video Editor: A fantastic free software that produces output without worrying about the size. It can be used to compile individual images, videos and audios to create an innovative outcome. Colour-correction, size modification, image adjustments and distortion, sound effects, speed management are some among its advanced features.

Some Editing Software for Mac

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: This software has got it all. The features and facilities that Premiere Pro has been beyond what ultimate YouTube videos require. Premiere Pro is also used by great filmmakers to edit videos of premium quality. This software can be used to add any feature that the editor wants, be it addition or removal, motion graphics or audio insertions, and Pro is the ultimate saviour for all sorts of video editing aspects. The best part about this software is that it supports video and audio files of almost all the formats making it a feasible option.
  2. HyperEngine-AV: This is an exceptionally versatile software for Mac users as it gives the liberty to not only edit and export the video and audio files but also to capture them. This software can be used to create premium quality DVD’s too by utilising the already existing movies. It has a wide range of studio-quality effects and various titles, credits, and other additional information can be added to the video using HyperEngine.
  3. Lightworks: This software is absolutely appropriate for videos that speak for themselves. The wide array of features available here lets the user learn a lot of things and make the video watch-worthy. The software supports multiple file formats and allows easy export of videos directly to YouTube. Professional editors love this software because of the phenomenal effects and compatibility options 

Online Video Editors

YouTube Video Editor: YouTube video editor that can be used for fundamental levels of video editing. You can chop off the intro, and the concluding part of the video can blur out faces and objects to maintain anonymity if required.

YouTube Intro Makers: Any video should have clarity of content for the viewers to understand the context and relate to it. Adding a nice intro before the actual video starts is a very professional way of creating videos. That portion can have a name for the video with some necessary information and important logos. Adobe Spark, Renderforest, Biteable, etc. are a few intro makers available online.


The world is evolving, and so is the digital arena. Videos are ruling the social media cosmos as more and more audiences as well as marketers are trusting videos over other platforms for marketing and as a source of information and entertainment.

YouTube has become the most widespread and accepted platform, and it is bombarded with multiple videos every minute. In such a scenario, it is important to edit your videos to make it aesthetically appealing to the audience and get a good number of views and likes.