There’s never a good time for a charger or cord to break, be missing, or be stolen. However, if you are looking for replacements right now, today is the day to get them from Anker – the power peripheral maker has a number of deals of the day on Amazon today.

If you’re looking to buy a wireless charger, you can purchase the PowerWave Sense Pad, which can charge supported devices up to 1

1W. A complementary Quick Charge 3.0 compatible wall unit is included for $ 28 ($ 7 off MSRP). You can also get another metal-lined Qi charging pad with up to 15W throughput for $ 26 ($ 14 off).

We also have a wall charger that is simultaneously portable and has a capacity of 5,000mAh, two USB-A ports, and (unfortunately) a micro-USB port for $ 22 ($ 7 off). There’s also a power strip-shaped item – it’s square and has two AC outlets and two full USB ports – for $ 14 ($ 6 off).

We also have a few normal chargers and some cables:

  • Single USB-C port charger, 60W USB powered: $ 23 ($ 16 off)
  • Charger with four USB-A ports, Quick Charge 3.0, max. 43.5W: $ 17 ($ 11 off)
  • 3-Pack (3/6 / 10ft.) USB-A to USB-C Nylon Cables: $ 14 ($ 5 off)

These offers will be available tonight through midnight PDT.