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Bill Gates is quickly losing confidence in the FDA and the CDC

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With the publication of the latest year of their foundation Goalkeeper report, Bill and Melinda Gates do a lot of interviews and Pushing a Primary Message: The US Is Failing In Its Coronavirus Response, and that’s a failure for the globe. That is something we have heard by Bill Gates repeatedly since the Covid-19 pandemic started earlier this year, but now the Microsoft founder says the confidence he has in the health of the United States Agencies fluctuate.

Speak with Bloomberg On Tuesday, Gates was asked about troubling claims by the Trump administration that a vaccine could be distributed before the November elections – a schedule that seems unrealistic if drug companies intend to safely complete third-tier efficacy studies. Just this morning, President Trump said Fox News that he personally “expedites” the process with the FDA and as a result, “We’re going to have a vaccine in a few weeks, it could be four weeks, it could be eight weeks.” Bloomberg asked Gates if he was concerned that the approval of vaccines would be influenced by politics. He responded by saying, “Any suggestion that a politician helped develop the vaccine or that a politician makes it faster is a very dangerous thing.”

Gates cited the example of FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn who hyped his agency’s approval of a blood plasma therapy procedure in August, and the fact that many health professionals believe Hahn grossly misrepresented Treatment data. “We saw with the totally botched plasma statements that people who are pressured to say optimistic things get completely off track,” said Gates. “So the FDA has lost a lot of its credibility there.”

But Gates stopped writing off the FDA entirely. “I think there are a lot of professionals in the FDA,” he said cautiously. He said there have been “some rifts with some of the things they said at Commissioner level” but “hopefully the staff will not be pulled in that direction.”

While the president overwhelming record If you lie to the American public, many will reject your vaccine comments. It also seems to have an impact on whether or not they trust a vaccine that the government claims is safe. Several recently Survey The majority of Americans believe the FDA is offering a vaccine because of political pressure.

Gates pointed to that Vaccine Safety Promises This was signed by nine pharmaceutical companies last week to reassure the public that they will follow normal scientific procedures in developing their vaccines. Not everyone will find it comforting to hear that our best hope is to trust private companies, but Gates is confident that “[t]These vaccines will go through the third phase of the study, where you will review efficacy and any medical records to see if they are present [are] All adverse events, ”and he believes that a safe vaccine“ is very likely to emerge from this R&D war. “

In an interview with AxiosMelinda Gates put the blame for America’s disastrous coronavirus response firmly at the feet of the pResidents and his lackeys. “We had– –terrible guidance on this matter, Honestly, “she said. When asked if another variable in the US played a role in becoming the world leader in covid-19 Cases and deaths, she said, it just comes down to “our leadership and our response”.

In one (n Audio recording Starting in February – the start of the arrival of the pandemic in the US – Trump told Bob Woodward that Covid-19 was “deadly stuff” despite his public statements in which he was not concerned. In March he always wanted to “downplay” it because he “didn’t want to panic”. Over the months, Trump’s instinct to lie about the virus has spread throughout his administration.

For a clear portrait of the madness that has raged across our top health officials, Michael Caputo, the Trump-appointed spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is spot-on. On Sunday, Caputo went to one to rant uncouth on his personal Facebook page, accusing government scientists of rioting,“And he warned people to ‘buy ammunition’ because” if Donald Trump refuses to step down on inauguration, the shootings will begin. ”

“The CDC was largely made out of the picture because there are people in the White House who are not epidemiologists and they say what a great job they have done,” said Bill Gates Bloomberg. “So they are no longer experts.” Gates lamented the damage done to the CDC’s reputation, but admitted the agency made mistakes earlier this year when it was arguably experiencing less influence from above. For example, he said the agency did not initially insist on doing an “overly complicated” test. He also pounded on the need for a 24-One hour processing time for tests, as other countries have done. Speak with Stat News this week, Gates said that it takes people more than a day to deliver test results, only has time to write apology notes to people [they] infected in the meantime. “

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