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Billie Eilish has just trolled the world with her latest hair transformation.

Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Granitz – Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan


7;s safe to say that Billie Eilish is up there at Cosmopolitan as one of our biggest beauty crushes, from her incredible acrylic nails (which she recently dropped) to her makeup choices (Hello, MILK) to her ever-changing ones Hair.

Lately, she has outgrown the damage caused by a hair dye incident last year (and Regina George-style accidentally caused a mullet-trend tsunami that saw Miley Cyrus and Maisie Williams both jump on board).

And because she’s been loyal to the combination of light green roots and black lengths for some time, we’ve all been waiting to see what’s next from our collective hair icon.

When Billie posted a picture on Instagram last week of pretty faded green roots (borderline pastel yellow), fans wondered if she was embarking on a new hair experiment.

She posted a number of Instagram stories last night, one with a close-up of her hair, complete with hair dye – and one with the finished result.

… And of course Billie found a way to shake us to the core in the coolest possible way.

“Sooo, you thought it was going to be something new?” She starts laughing and winks at the camera.

“It’s actually the same! Get you every time!” she continues with a slightly angry giggle.

In short, Billie has stayed true to her bright roots again, with her refreshing green and blue-black hued lengths.

And here’s the thing – while Billie’s prank is just fun and games, it actually makes a very important statement about how much we expect from celebrities (and their hairdressers) these days when it comes to constant adjustments.

Constantly expecting your aesthetic to change can be no fun, and as the Billie hair story shows, it can also have dramatic consequences for hair health, especially when it comes to bleaching.

Anyway, we love Billie’s refreshed look and all the power for her to hold onto her signature look.

Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram
Photo credit: Billie Eilish – Instagram

Here’s Billie’s look before the refresher for context:

Does this mean we are entering an age of hair monogamy (working title)? If so, my overdraft screams with joy. 💚

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