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Bixby Lead introduces Samsung devices that communicate with you when you take them out of the box

Viv Labs boss Dag Kittlaus imagines a day when devices talk to you, once you take them out of a box, know their preferences, guide them through a tutorial, and build an emotional connection.

Kittlaus and Viv Labs co-founder Adam Cheyer, both co-creators of Siri of Apple, debuted at Bixby Developer Studio for creating voice applications with Bixby, an AI assistant who will learn five new languages ​​next year.

Viv Labs Technology Driving Bixby 2.0, which was introduced last year and enhances the wizard's natural language capabilities, can be linked to a variety of services.

"I have a vision – and I think many of us here at Samsung share this vision ̵

1; where It's not just about buying a cool, shiny object. I can imagine a day when, every time you buy a Samsung product, you literally take it out of the box, plug it in, somehow authenticate yourself and say, "Hello Spike, how's it going today? I have just downloaded your preferred preferences. Do you have questions about how to deal with me? "Kittlaus said on stage at the Samsung Developer Conference.

Kittlaus spoke on Thursday with a keynote on stage with […] her director Spike Jonze and Samsung CMO Marc Mathieu Day two of the conference.

It's one thing for a smart home appliance manufacturer to share such a vision, but it's another one coming from Samsung, a company that delivers 500 million televisions, dishwashers and other appliances and is one of the largest manufacturer in the world.

Samsung is committed to making all its products networked and smart by 2020.

"It knows you, and that's sort of the first step on the way from Wow. This is a really cool, shiny, new tool to create an emotional relationship with a brand or company that has this Turning ideas into action and turning them into products can make it out of the box and it knows you, and it knows your past and can help you, "he said.

In Her, forms an AI Assistant Samantha – voiced by Scarlett Johansson – has a deep emotional bond with a Joaquin Phoenix, a lonely, male character.

Kittlaus thanked Jonze for making and said his contribution to the conceptions the designer of conversational experiences was that of Hal 9000 Space Odyssey: 2001 and Kitt of Knight Rider and repeatedly petitioned developers who had entertainment experiences for Bixby (so called te capsules) to address the humanity of the users.

"This now sets a new standard for what we're talking about, so I'm grateful for bringing it to life with something we really need to think about as we build the future," said Jonze.

Their was not made with technology in mind, Jonze said, instead reflecting on human needs, such as people's desire for intimacy and the fear of revealing themselves.

Jonze said he believes it is necessary that the people who make voice assistants recognize what they feel more or less connected, something that Kittlaus also urged developers to make capsules that Bixby should consider.

If so, Samsung will have the opportunity to skip its competitors in outer space,

"There are always lessons learned here and in many different contexts [you need to give] Some personality, h Do a thoughtful process as you develop things for Bixby that make it a bit more human. Because you know something? It is better accepted. Everywhere there is abundant evidence that only human contact makes this connection and that people's engagement with the product is inherently enhanced, "he said.

Kittlaus joins a chorus of voices that expresses this contextual and emotional intelligent stresses experiences are the key to building a deeper connection.

Ash Cloud, technical director of AI Cloud at Google Cloud and former boss of the Alexa Prize at Amazon, suggested assistants who can sustain a conversation could be an antidote too many lives in modern society for the alleged epidemic of loneliness.

Last month, VentureBeat's VB Summit also saw an assistant connection, with Deputy eBay Vice President Alexander Stojanovic stating that the future belongs to the business that can create the deepest connection to the users Amazon VP Mariam Daniel said Alexa has an ESTJ personality on the Meyers-Briggs scale.

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