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BlackBerry is planning a comeback. For some it never worked

Wired contributor Esat Dedezade still keeps a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition (2015) in an old pillowcase in a dresser, next to cables and other forgotten technology. “My relationship with BlackBerry was more like a brief, fiery rocket explosion than a slow-burning candle,” he says. “When BlackBerry launched the Z10 and Q10 (2013) with the BB10 OS, I was excited and finally understood people’s enthusiasm for the physical keyboard.”

So much so that he looked past the lack of apps and used a BlackBerry as the primary phone for a couple of years, completed the “gloriously square” passport, and ended up with the Android PRIV, “which had an extremely satisfactory slide. a keyboard that I still miss today ”. If the new 5G BlackBerry is a “newer Passport with Android technology that has that square screen, keyboard and camera that isn̵

7;t absolute junk, I’ll come first.”

Lucy Barnes, project manager at United Utilities, still remembers the “very satisfying click” of the keyboard, the “tactile trackball” and the fact that you could drop the BlackBerry Bold (2008) thanks to its rubber outer shell. As of 2011, she used BlackBerry phones for her personal and business devices for about five years – she owned a curve, then two bold faces and a crack (2015).

“I got my first BlackBerry right after graduation,” she says. “It used to be associated with business types: How many characters hung around on TV shows with a BlackBerry like David Wallace?” The office. There were downsides: “The camera was junk, and if one of the keys on the keyboard broke, they somehow got screwed.” However, she would still consider switching from a Samsung Galaxy S10 + to an Android with a BlackBerry keyboard, good camera, good screen, and decent app functionality.

And r / blackberry member e_boon says: “Anything but another record will do for me! I’m more loyal to the physical keyboard than the BlackBerry brand. For this duo (Microsoft Surface) it is basically two wide plates that are connected to each other. Personally, I don’t appreciate what it has to offer. It seems silly to me to pretend that the entire second screen is dedicated to a virtual keyboard for a more accurate typing experience. “

After starting off with a BlackBerry Pearl in 2008, e_boon switched between BlackBerry phones like the Bold 9900 to iPhones and Samsung Galaxys before returning to BlackBerry with the KEYONE. “Since I returned to BB in 2017, I’ve definitely had my fair share of ‘You still make BlackBerry devices? ‘and’ Is that a keyboard? ‘ “

“I can’t say for sure that my passionate reluctance and recommendation of these modern DroidBerry devices actually resulted in sales (maybe a handful) as it is difficult to change the public’s perception and motivate them to move out of their comfort zone (iPhone / Galaxy). to something they have never tried or just years ago … Yes, all of that was written on my KEY2. “

It is common among BlackBerry fans to discuss their phones in 2020 to say something like, “I hope I don’t come out as a 2008-loving retro nut.” Nova Scotia-based Redditor Petiteging, who shared their excitement over the news on Onward Mobility, said “the majority of the population believe BlackBerry is out of date” and that r / blackberry “is a community that speaks my language”.

Favorite BB features include the PRIV’s slider form factor and keyboard shortcuts to contacts or scrolling to the top of a page. You are currently using a Google Pixel 3 XL: “I didn’t get a KEY2 because of the camera. The pixel is fast and the camera is amazing. It’s not my BlackBerry, however. “

This story originally appeared on WIRED UK.

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