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BMW does not charge a monthly fee for CarPlay in vehicles with the latest software

At the beginning of 2018, BMW decided to offer its BMW customer CarPlay a subscription fee instead of a one-time fee. BMW owners must pay $ 80 per year for the use of "CarPlay" after the first year they own a BMW vehicle.

No other automaker offering "CarPlay" charges a monthly fee, so this change was understandably unpopular with BMW customers. Before the subscription fee, BMW charged a one-time upgrade fee of $ 300.

Given the negative mood regarding subscription fees, BMW is now changing its plans. According to a BMW spokesman who spoke to the British website AutoCar BMW will now be offering "CarPlay" free of charge for the entire life of the vehicle for all models with the latest ConnectedDrive infotainment system installed.

For models that do not use the latest system, such as I3 and i8, a one-time fee is now charged instead of subscription access. In vehicles with the new system, CarPlay will be available free of charge in the future.

US. site Autoblog has confirmed that BMW is making this change also in the USA. "BMW always strives to satisfy our customers' needs, and this policy change is designed to give BMW owners a better user experience," said a BMW spokesperson on Autoblog after being asked why the change was made.

It is not yet clear when BMW customers who are already paying for a subscription can stop paying for "CarPlay" access, and it is not yet clear whether BMW customers already looking for a long-term "CarPlay." "Have paid access, the cost will be refunded.

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