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Boeing's "loyal Wingman" drone can fly alongside piloted aircraft


Boeing's Airpower Teaming System (pictured above) is intended to fly alongside piloted aircraft.


Boeing does not need a pilot to be your wingman.

The airline has unveiled a new unmanned drone that uses AI to fly alongside piloted aircraft, which is referred to as a "loyal wingman" for military operations.

While the ATS was only shown as a model, Boeing wants to start flights in 2020.


Designed by Boeing Australia with investment from the Australian Department of Defense, the Boeing AirPower Teaming System (ATS) is the first unpiloted aircraft developed by Boeing outside the United States. With a length of 11.7 meters, the pilot can fly over 2,000 nautical miles without a pilot – either alone or together with other military aircraft.

Boeing is investing heavily in the future of unmanned aviation and autonomous systems, constructing unmanned vehicles for everything from ocean research to space travel as well as futuristic air taxis that could be the foundation be for traveling in the cities of tomorrow.

While Boeing has just unveiled a model of its new Airpower Teaming System, the company says the final ATS will have on-board sensors to support "reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance missions and electronic warfare," as well as artificial intelligence capabilities Distance to other aircraft.

The ATS is expected to fly for the first time in 2020.

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