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Boris Johnson suggests that the Huawei role in 5G could jeopardize security in Britain technology

Boris Johnson has expressed doubts as to whether the UK will allow Huawei to invest in its 5G network, suggesting that it "interferes" with the Five Eyes intelligence relationship after Donald Trump put pressure on other countries to overtake the US ban. [19659002Initsearliest-strongestsignalwepreparedtoexcludeHuaweivomNetworkexplainedJohnsonatapressconferenceonNATOguideofsecurityconcerningAdecisionaboutabusinessCompaniesofmajorimportance

Asked for his decision Johnson said: "I do not want this country to refuse overseas investment. On the other hand, we can not interfere with our important national security interests nor with our ability to work with other security partners from Five Eyes. This will be the deciding factor that influences our decision on Huawei. "

His comments are his strongest confirmation that Huawei's involvement in the network could jeopardize cooperation with Five Eyes, the Alliance for Information Sharing between the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. New Zealand and Australia.

The US urges the United Kingdom to prevent the Chinese company from accessing British telecommunications equipment. They fear that these could then be used to espionage the West.

Huawei has always denied the allegations against the company. It follows the laws of every country where its equipment is available.

Trump resumed talks with the Prime Minister on Tuesday evening at a meeting in Downing Street. A White House spokesman said leaders "discussed the importance of both nations working together to ensure the security of our telecommunications networks and provide protection against untrusted providers.

At the NATO meeting, Trump then emphasized that Huawei was a "Se" security risk, a security risk, "claiming that no other country he spoke with would do so.

"I have spoken to Italy, it looks like they are not doing this. We talked to other countries and they will not go forward. "

" Everyone I've talked to will not go forward, but how many countries can I speak with? Will I call and talk to the whole world? We build on it, we started, but we do not use Huawei.

Johnson was due to make an announcement on the subject in the fall after Theresa May postponed the decision to her successor. It was reported that the British government was about to give Huawei access to non-controversial parts of the 5G network, a decision that would upset the White House.

However, no judgment on Huawei was made before the elections The UK's long delay since the National Security Council in April said it was acceptable to have Huawei build limited parts of the network.

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