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Bose is opening pre-orders for $ 280 QC earbuds, the first at ANC

Bose has a new line of earbuds and, believe it or not, sunglasses available for the holidays this year – including the company’s first pair of active noise cancellation under the QuietComfort brand known as over-ear headphones.

The QC earbuds have a mix of microphones and transducers for inverting and zeroing outside noise, 11 levels of noise, a 6 hour battery, IPX4 fluid resistance and other systems housed in an inch long diamond on each bud. They come in two colors – soapstone and triple black – and come with a Qi-compatible carry case with power for up to an additional 12 hours of playback.

Don’t you need an ANC? The Bose Sport Earbuds, also completely wireless, are rated IPX4 for sweaty, rainy training, capacitive touch interfaces directly on the buds, a 5-hour operating time, a charging case (here no Qi, only USB-C) with 10 hours Capacity and three color options: Baltic Blue, Black and Glacier White with a light green counter pattern.

Both products can be pre-ordered immediately before the launch on September 29th. The QC earbuds are $ 280 while the Bose Sport earbuds are $ 180.

Finally, we come to Bose’s new frames: prescription glasses that conduct sound through direct contact with the head. A trio of frames replace the first series, which was released in 2018.

Soprano and tenor build on the same specifications: 16mm drivers with an emphasis on bass, beam-forming microphones that replace a single unit from the 2018 series, 5.5 hours of battery life (they are charged with a special case via pogo pins), polarized Lenses with 99% UV blocking and capacitive controls on the frame. The soprano tends to create a cat-eye look that compliments a fade of rose gold or purple, while the tenor has a square lens design with a fade in blue or silver.

The sporty Tempo uses TR90 thermoplastic in the frame, spring hinges, elastomer tips and three pad shapes for the nose bridge. The blinds hold larger 22mm drivers and are powered by a direct USB-C connection. The lifespan is up to 8 hours each. Tinted lenses can also be turned on and off in certain environments: Road Orange for snow and water, Trail Blue for extremely bright conditions, and Twilight Yellow for darker areas.

Soprano, Tempo, and Tenor are available starting today for $ 250 each.

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