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Bose’s music-playing sunglasses are back – TechCrunch

Glasses / sunglasses with built-in speakers have been a thing for a shockingly long time. They’ve never been particularly popular, but at least they’re an interesting concept for companies to keep sporadically entering the category whose main appeal seems to be not being forced to buy both glasses and headphones.

Angry They may have pushed their AR ambitions to the background, but the company is still very interested in the idea of ​​sunglasses that play headphones. In fact, there are three new models: Tempo, Tenor and Soprano. The new additions follow the original frames that were introduced back in 201


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The Tempo is the trio’s premium model with a bulky headband / earbud that also has the charging port. The music is designed to fire on the ear while remaining unobstructed so you can hear the world around you. This is fine for alertness, of course, but a mixed bag when it comes to actually hearing what the speakers are playing. Especially in an urban setting.

The Tenor and Tempo have smaller 16mm speakers in each ear and a specified five hour battery. Otherwise they differ in size and design. All models are UV protected. They’re available today and cost $ 249.

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Bose also announced two pairs of fully wireless earbuds. Most notable are the QC Earbuds which, due to the company’s built-in noise cancellation, take over the company’s flagship QuietComfort banner. Between that and the $ 279 price tag, the buds are positioned to rival the AirPods Pro and Sony’s excellent noise-canceling models.

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The simply named sports earbuds are $ 179 and feature a new locking mechanism that stays in place while you exercise. Both models can be pre-ordered starting today and will be delivered before the end of the month.

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