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Box extends TechCrunch's Box Shield security product with automatic malware detection

With more people working at home than ever, and many on computers outside the remit of IT and security teams, finding creative ways to protect them from harm is becoming increasingly important. Box announced today that Box Shield, the security product announced last year, has expanded to include automated malware detection tools.

Aaron Levie, CEO at Box, says it is important to find new ways of thinking about security, especially millions of people are suddenly working with cloud solutions at home.

“With more and more people working from home, malware and phishing attacks are increasing. [Bad actors] are beginning to spread these vulnerabilities much more aggressively, so we’re launching Box Shield with malware protection that’s integrated with advanced malware detection tools and policies, ”he said.

With this solution, the company is pursuing a tripartite approach. To begin with, users can view a file without having to download it first, and at the same time indicate whether it involves any risk. Next, it actually prevents users from downloading an attached malware file, and finally the security team is notified when a malware file is uploaded to Box.

The file is designed to prevent the file from infecting the device that employees are using, working to notify end users if there is a problem while they can see the contents of the file, they will get all the information they need, to know if the file is legitimate at all.

It's So Much Easier, Right Now, let's spread this kind of malicious package to people working from home and sharing files at a much higher speed than ever before. This new feature is designed to give everyone who is in the know, from end users to the IT security team, the certainty that they can know when files are infected or not and prevent them from multiplying inside Box.

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