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Britain exposes the 5G coronavirus link after conspiracy theorists burned the cell tower

While there is no factual support for a conspiracy theory that links the COVID-19 virus to 5G cell technology – and the scientific community has come to the conclusion that 5G is safe – today the UK government has been forced to to explicitly address the issue after arsonists burned down a cell tower above 5G and used Facebook to encourage others to follow suit.

"There is absolutely no credible evidence of a link between 5G and coronavirus," the British Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) tweeted and found that "inaccurate information" was online were spread over 5G. The DCMS indicated studies that exposed the alleged link between 5G and the coronavirus, as well as links that discussed the real cause of the infection ̵

1; direct exposure to COVID-19 particles that were spread through physical contact rather than radio waves.

Handelsverband Mobile UK joined the DCMS by making an expanded statement on the subject, describing conspiracy theory as "unfounded" and "not based on recognized scientific theory". Mobile UK represented all the major UK airlines and found that "some people also abuse our key workers and threaten the infrastructure". This is a particular problem given the need for a functioning cellular network as the corona virus adds new burdens to the already fragile work – home connections and emergency services.

Researchers accused a Russian disinformation campaign last year of fueling concerns about the security of 5G technologies and found that poor science and irrational fear fueled protests in the US and internationally. Despite multiple public warnings that the disinformation campaign is ongoing, and official rebuttals from both governments and academics, "affected citizens" have continued to use social media to spread the 5G conspiracy theories, and most recently have used the coronavirus outbreak to act for the Cell tower agitate destruction.

British arsonists described the arsonists as "idiots" who attributed the Birmingham Tower fire to a celebrity claim that COVID-19 had not affected Africa because of the lack of 5G there. As corona virus tracking maps show, there are actually thousands of COVID-19 cases in Africa, as well as in South America, Mexico, and numerous other countries without 5G infrastructure.

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