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Call of Duty champion Crimsix says shotguns are not part of video games

Call of Duty world champion Crimsix explains to fans that “shotguns don’t belong in video games,” sparking an interesting debate on Twitter.

While most modern day shooters have a variety of weapons to suit every play style, few are as controversial as the shotgun. While the gun offers crowd control, as well as the ability to fire a powerful shot at close range, it is undeniably becoming a tool for campers who often hide in hard-to-see areas and execute players who accidentally wander into their line of sight.

While this has been a problem with a number of PVP shooters over the years, it appears that an avid gamer would take a fairly firm stance on the presence of shotguns in the video game world. This player is none other than call of Duty World Champion Crimsix, who recently revealed on Twitter that he believes “shotguns don̵

7;t belong in video games”.

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“I can’t think of a game / shotgun that was skillful, but above all FUN,” Crimsix told his followers during a passionate Twitter post, claiming they were included “just to please cowards.” “He follows the news by comparing campers with shotguns to taking out his dog to do business, and claims” it takes a lot of crouching, waiting and it can get messy very quickly. ” As expected, the news did not go down too well with the supporters of Crimsix, who spoke out against this hot attitude in the world champion’s replies.

“Have you ever tried to play a game where the player can run faster than a seedy sloth? People don’t camp in these games and shotguns are fair game,” claims one Twitter user, while a second says Crimsix, ” sounds like people playing a game. ” Game tactical. Why don’t you try developing a strategy? “A third answer explores Crimsix’s view of the gun from a completely different point of view, telling the esports legend that casual gamers may enjoy the game that way because they can’t keep up with those who are playing call of Duty frequently. He goes on to tell Crimsix, “If you are to create a code of honor, scammers and wacky peripheral users may have to be at the top of your list of the damned.”

Overall, Crimsix’s take on shotguns seems to be pretty polarizing. While some agree they can be an overpowering vehicle for less skilled players to dominate the battlefield, others have urged Crimsix to look at titles like this Downfall, tremor, and Battlefield to see why the gun is such an integral part of a good video game arsenal.

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