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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Update, Battle Pass Details

The rollout roadmap for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and War zoneSeason six will feature a Halloween event towards the end of October as well as five new multiplayer game types after the huge update on September 29th goes live.

Infinity Ward previewed what’s coming Monday of the rest of the month. The material, which will be available starting September 29th at 2am, includes two new operators and four new multiplayer maps for War zoneas well as a metro system that helps fighters cross Verdansk. That was previewed late last week.

Of the new maps, two ̵

1; Mialstor Tank Factory and Broadcast – are multiplayer areas in core mode. Station and Verdansk Riverside will host Gunfight and Ground War games, respectively. Killstreak Confirmed, a variant of the Kill Confirmed game type, is also joining War zone with the Tuesday update. In it, the killstreaks of the players are not reset on death. “So you should start looking for tags ASAP to earn your killstreaks.” However, if you stay alive, players can “wrap up” killstreaks by earning the same streak reward multiple times.

Image: Infinity Ward / Activision

A new season brings a new Battle Pass that serves both of them Modern Warfare and War zone. Today’s post has a lot more information on the information available. When you shop at 1,000 COD points ($ 9.99 get 1,100), players get instant access to Farah, who returns as a playable operator. Getting a Battle Pass package for 2,400 COD points ($ 19.99) includes skipping up to 20 of 100 levels in the pass. At level 100, players unlock Nikolai as an operator. You also get a blueprint for a legendary VSS assault rifle, as well as a Halloween skin for the cargo truck.

Battle Pass owners can also unlock Edward, a pet vampire bat that can be used to kill opponents as a final move.

A vampire bat attacks a player in a screenshot from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone

Image: Infinity Ward / Activision

How big the entire patch is is always a hot topic. Console gamers will find that the size is more modest than previous updates. The PlayStation 4 update ships at 19.3 GB and the Xbox One at 22.66 GB. PC player with Modern Warfare need to download 57 GB, or 25.5 GB if they have War zone just.

However, owners of a full game on the console will need to download the Compatibility (8 GB) and Survival (5.9 GB) packages to access Multiplayer, Special Ops and Survival modes. Survival is available now for PS4 players and Xbox One and PC players on Thursday October 1st.

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