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Canada is launching an App to help people deal with the pandemic

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COVID-19 is now a global challenge, the type that we haven’t encountered in a while. The pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty for most people and some are better equipped to handle it than others. We are still very much in the midst of the outbreak, and we have seen that the consequences of this virus come in many forms. Not only is this virus damaging to those who catch it, but it is isolating, it is stressful and it brings out our worst fears on the surface.

While many have struggled to find healthy ways to cope with it, the best thing one can do in this situation stays up to date and informed about the ways to protect our health, not necessarily with the news and the evergrowing death rate.

Apps to the rescue

We have seen a case in South Korea, where the Corona Map application was launched designed to notify the users of the whereabouts of the infected, as to prevent any accidental contact and keep the contamination rate to the minimum. While this might sound controversial in the west, where the privacy of the individual is valued much higher than the safety of the community these days, Canada is also resorting to the technology to help Canadians cope with this outbreak in the most efficient way.

Technology is an essential part of daily routine and while some like to focus on the negative things that come out of being glued to our phones 24/7 this is not the time to focus on the negative. While it is true that amidst the pandemic many businesses had to be closed down because the safety measures require social distancing and public gatherings are prohibited. But while this has a huge effect on the business owners and the communities the online space is serving as a much needed safe resort for those still needing to feel connected, to get entertainment and stay engaged with their hobbies.

Why now, is the right time to go online

Mobile Apps are simple to use, straightforward and they get the job done quicker than your average website. The application stores have seen a huge rise in the number of users who are now actively engaging with different apps to try to fill all this free time during the pandemic. One particular industry that seems to be having its moment is online gambling.

Casinos were one of the first places to close down as the virus started to get around. Since gambling is such a huge part of the entertainment business and has a large following people started to look for alternatives easy to play their favorite casino games and possibly stay connected with others who like to do the same. During this pandemic, the online casino scene has grown even more. It is safe to say that online casinos were doing just fine even before the outbreak, but after the lockdowns were announced in most countries and people could no longer leave their houses, online casino games started to blow up even more. This is a great example to highlight the fact that if you are able to get things going online, it is much more efficient and will reach a lot more people not only during a pandemic but in general. Mobile applications are the most frequently used method to get what the users want and launching an app to give them the safety and security of staying informed is the best way to go about it.

The app launched in Canada provides the users with all the necessary information they need to stay as safe as possible during the outbreak. The app shows how to properly care for one’s hygiene amidst the pandemic, it highlights the travel restrictions and issues flags warnings.

While using this app you can also access the government’s proposed fund for the local business and public and help support those who will need it the most in the upcoming weeks.