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Canalys: 278 million 5G smartphones to be sold in 2020

The 5G revolution in the world of smartphones is in full swing, with China leading the way in both network deployment and cell phone availability. According to channels278 million 5G phones will be sold in 2020, 62% of which or 172 million in the Greater China market.

The number of 5G phones is forecast to almost double globally in 2021, with massive growth in overall volume in all key regions.

Canalys: 5G smartphones are to be sold 280 million times by the end of 2020

Realme V3 5G arrived on September 1

and officially became the first 5G phone priced below $ 150 (retail price in China is CNY999, which is $ 146 today). Shengtao Jin, an analyst at Canalys, said that milestone arrived three months earlier than expected and will have a significant impact in other regions – Southeast Asia, EMEA, and even Latin America, where smartphone companies from China are expanding.

Manufacturers will continue to bring 5G devices to these markets even if the next generation network is not fully provisioned. This gives them an edge over all sorts of competitors, especially if Samsung is the only large non-Chinese company currently bringing 5G devices to market.

region 2020 broadcasts
(in millions)
Market share 2020 2021 broadcasts
(in millions)
2021 market share Annual growth
Greater China 172 62% 305 56% 77%
North America 42 fifteen% 92 17% 118%
Europe, Middle East and Africa 31 11% 76 14% 141%
Asia-Pacific (excluding Greater China) 29 11% 57 11% 95%
Latin America 3 1% 13th 2% 342%
total 278 100% 544 100% 95%

Huawei is expected to play an important role in the adoption of 5G smartphones despite the ongoing uncertainty about the company and its supply chain constraints. Even if it fails to deliver, the vacuum it creates will easily be filled by Xiaomi, Oppo and TCL, commented Ben Stanton, senior analyst at Canalys.

The average retail price of 5G phones in Europe is projected to drop to $ 765 in 2021 and then steadily decline to $ 477 in 2024, largely because Samsung and Apple are still major players in this market and have more expensive portfolios than the competition.


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