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Canceled Call of Duty LAN tournament still prevails

A canceled LAN tournament for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Players in Indianapolis were reportedly still taking place, although the organizers previously said the event would only go online.

The American Gaming Network, which was to host the Indianapolis Open from July 31 to August 2, had previously announced plans to implement measures such as the requirement for face masks, the provision of hand sanitizers, and temperature tests. However, after criticizing the planning of an event in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, the tournament was changed to an online format.

However, Dexerto reported that despite the announcement from AGN, the event was reportedly still being enforced. A video uploaded to Reddit showed players who appear to be holding their own LAN tournament at a rented Airbnb location. Dexerto then tweeted separate footage from numerous players who gathered for the event.

AGN denied having participated in the event, but the organizer’s staff were present at the venue, according to Dexerto. In the meantime, the organizer has postponed the second day of the tournament to August 9th and cited the “inability to play in a safe environment” for the players.

It remains unclear why after the AGN announcement, the players would still gather for the tournament and whether the organizer was suspected of being secretly involved in the competition, apparently despite an agreement with Activision.

Digital Trends turned to AGN to clarify what happened during the event, including whether the organizer will enforce action against the players who are still gathered for the tournament. We will update this article as soon as we hear something.

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