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Candyman was delayed until 2021

From Candyman.

From Candy man.
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Candy man, the horror remake of Nia DaCosta and produced by Jordan Peele, was discontinued for release on October 16. In a further delay, it will be pushed back to an as-yet-unknown date in 2021.

What’s interesting here is more than just another example of the mess the cinema industry is in right now. What about the pandemic and all DaCosta’s wonderful explanation for the delay? According to DaCostaThe desire to see the film in theaters as an intended experience is well worth the delay.

“We got CANDYMAN to see in theaters,” she wrote on Twitter. “Not just for the spectacle, but because the film is about community and stories – how they shape each other, how they shape us. It’s about the collective experience of trauma and joy, suffering and triumph and the stories we tell about them. “

At a time when the desire to see films in theaters is currently being used as a blatant justification for encouraging viewers to unnecessarily endanger themselves and others, I am refreshed to see the opposite – that we theater clearly do not Can do right now, and maybe we’ll wait for the film to be fully released.

“We wanted the horror and humanity of CANDYMAN to be experienced in a collective, a community. That is why we are postponing CANDYMAN until next year to ensure that everyone can see the film in theaters and participate in this experience,” so DeCosta continued.

And she’s right – watching horror movies in particular seems like a collective experience in the theater. I hope this film has a chance to get that and get it relatively safely.

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