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Canon announces a Mirrorless EOS RP full-frame camera for $ 1,299

Canon has officially announced the EOS RP, the second full-size, mirrorless camera that comes to the EOS R last year. This time, Canon is becoming extremely aggressive in buying from mainstream consumers: the EOS RP alone costs $ 1,299 for the camera body or $ 2399 for a kit with a 24-105mm RF mount lens. For a limited time, Canon includes both a mounting adapter (for use with EF lenses for the RP) and a handle at no extra cost to the body.

The EOS RP has a 26.2-megapixel sensor that offers a slightly lower resolution than the R's 30.3-megapixel sensor. If it makes sense to compare the R-sensor with the 5D Mark IV of Canon DSLR family, this is the closest comparison for the RP would be the 6D Mark II. The native ISO version runs from 1

00 to 40,000.

Well, let's get going early: The EOS RP has a lot of 4K video footage – just like the R. As I said in the review of the camera, I'm not a big videographer, but I would suggest that the heavy harvest can be overlooked here for two reasons: the price is well below the price ($ 1,000 less) than the EOS R, and it is also much smaller and lighter. The video on the RP is output at 4k at 24 or 25p in 8-bit 4: 2: 2, while the R can record 10-bit via HDMI (and also 30p).

Image: Canon

Yes, the two cameras share this unfortunate 4K harvest, but they also share a lot of good: Like the R, the EOS RP has an electronic viewfinder with 2.36 million points, the Dual Monitor from Canon. Pixel autofocus system (with eye detection) and a rear LCD display that folds out to the front. Both the 0.39-inch viewfinder and the 3-inch LCD display are slightly smaller than the R, but again, this is a lighter and more compact camera. The RP weighs 485 grams with an SD card and a battery compared to the 660 grams of the EOS R. (And yes, there is still only one UHS-II SD slot.) Speaking of batteries: The RP uses one Battery other than the R: It contains an LP-E17 pack. Oh, and the controversial touchpad that Canon introduced on the back of the EOS R is nowhere to be found on the RP. it is replaced by a traditional dial.

For still images, continuous shooting with continuous auto focus is limited to 5 frames per second, so this is not really a camera for professional athletes. The subject of tracking is not a strength of the R. Canon still says it is working on a pro-level camera to eventually connect in the EOS R and RP. But the EOS RP still seems to me to be a strong value for people who mainly shoot stills and want a full-frame camera. I have not got it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Image: Canon

Canon plans to sell the EOS RP in the following configurations. Note that at launch, the company reduces $ 200 from the price of the native kit lens package:

  • EOS RP Enclosure (with Extension Handle and Mounting Adapter): $ 1,299
  • EOS RP Enclosure (with expansion grip and mounting adapter ) and 24-355mm f / 4 lens: $ 2,199
  • EOS RP housing (with extension handle and mounting adapter) and 24-105mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS EF mount mount: 1,699 $ (19659012) Take a look at our video review Canon EOS R.

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