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Can’t decide which PC game to play next? Steam’s AI selects a game from your library

Steam will now analyze your existing game library and tell you which title you would like to play next based on your previous game history on the platform.

This feature is called “Keep Playing” and uses machine learning to find out which games you might like from your Steam collection. It is especially aimed at PC gamers who have an extensive library of titles bought on Steam and may therefore be confused as to what to try next. The theory says that this should help them make a more informed decision.

Previously, this feature was an experimental feature that was tested in Steam Labs. Now it has been released for live operation with the full Steam client. So when you get the next update, the suggested games are now highlighted on a Play Next shelf.

You can of course ignore the shelf if you̵

7;d like, but apparently it has received some “positive feedback” from testers in the past, which is why Valve introduced it completely.

Solid suggestions?

Taking a quick look at our Steam account, the suggestions seem fairly reasonable, although with such a feature there is a good chance that mileage will vary slightly from user to user.

For example, if you have multiple copies of the same game, the algorithm seems to recommend games that you may have already played. For example, it recommended our computer editor to remastered the Batman Arkham City game of the year and Bioshock 2 – two games that they have definitely already played.

Overall, however, this is a useful addition. If you don’t want to know what Steam’s AI algorithms think about your gaming habits, you can just ignore the Play Next shelf.

In other recent Steam news Valve’s big summer sale is slated to start next month on June 25, or that’s the rumor mill word (and actually the source from which the sale was correct last year).

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