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Captain Marvels & # 39; Great Love & # 39; is found in Carol and Maria

Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau and Brie Larson as Carol Danvers.
Image: Marvel Studios

Carol Danvers, best friend with Maria Rambeau is an interesting character in her comics counterpart. This version of Carol has a long history with Monica Rambeau, the first woman to have gone from "Captain Marvel". In the upcoming movie, Monica is Maria's little daughter, but it's her mother who really has the chance to step into a new role as a hero.

Mary's presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is obviously an important basis for Monica's potential turn towards the future as a superhero, but according to the stars of the movie, there are much more emotions and narratives substance to her dynamics with Carol being important to the film ,

During a press conference attended by io9, stars Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch have been thinking about how the friendship between Carol and Maria during their time together in the military would have ended up connected, no matter where they were hit. This connection, Larson explained, is the emotional core that governs the story of Captain Marvel :

What they went through together – they have undergone military training, are the only women there, and use each one of them is something special to base each other on this support and to appreciate their experience. Of course, I believe that they were friends outside of this experience. But I think that's a really close bond they have and they are a family.

Without showing all this, this is the love of the movie. That's the big love. This is the lost love, this is the rediscovered love. This is the reason to keep fighting and go to the ends of the earth for the person you love. And it's her best friend and the daughter of her best friend that's so natural to me.

Lynch added that while Carol's cosmically empowered hero of the film is, Mary also reflects that much stronger power. That makes Carolus human – something that will be interesting on screen, considering how much bigger life is than Captain Marvel shoots in the theater on March 8.

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