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Capture One 20 Adds new contrast and color tools

Phase 1

The latest version of Capture One is designed to give both image editors more tools and more time. Launched on Wednesday, December 4, Capture One 20 includes a number of new tools and workflow customizations to enable a more efficient editing process.

The RAW image editor and Lightroom alternative, developed by the Denmark-based Phase One, add a new High Dynamic Range tool that makes it easier for editors to enhance highlights, deepen shadows, or make other adjustments to the brightest ones darkest areas of a photo. So far, only a few highlights and shadows have been restored using software tools. However, in the latest version, these sliders can be moved in both directions ̵

1; for example, if you want to intentionally blow out the highlights instead of working with a silhouette. In addition to being able to move these sliders left or right, the tool now also has sliders for white and black dots.

While the new HDR tools provide better control, the new primary color tool aims for simplicity. While previous versions (and the new ones) have enhanced color tools, the new base editor is more compact and simpler. With the tool, image editors can click and drag on a color in the photo to adjust hue, saturation, and brightness, or adjust sliders. The existing advanced color and skin color tools have also been improved.

The update also features enhanced noise reduction algorithms, a new design for the Crop Tool, and the ability to copy and paste layers and masks.

During the editing process, a new "Go to Next" option allows for faster deletion by eliminating one keystroke and automatically switching to the next one after reviewing or tagging the previous one. New standard shortcuts have also been added, which can also be customized. The user interface also includes more labeled icons, easier access to masking tools, higher resolution thumbnails, and a simplified customization toolbox.

Phase 1 indicates that most of the improvements made to version 20 were based on user feedback.

Phase 1 20 is available as a perpetual license for $ 299 ($ ​​159 for an update from an earlier version) or in subscriptions over $ 20 per month. Capture One Pro 20 for Sony and Capture One Pro Fujifilm, designed specifically for photographers working with these brands, are available as a perpetual license of $ 129 or as a subscription of $ 10 per month.

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