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Cartoons were correct? When you bend the barrel of a rifle backwards, a bullet is actually redirected

In an experiment, you should never try the experimenters on YouTube at home DemolitionRanch found that if you were strong enough to bend a rifle barrel back on itself (a clever maneuver that Bugs Bunny often pulled at Elmer Fudd), that Bullet would actually follow the curved path.

Years ago on the Discovery Channel, The Mythbusters Approved If you bend the barrel of a rifle 90 degrees instead of exploding and turning the barrel into a bunch of crushed metal, the bullet would actually follow the curve and leave the barrel as usual, albeit with a little less momentum. The latest weapon experiment from DemolitionRanch goes one step further The Mythbusters tested and bent the barrel of an automatic rifle backward almost 1

80 degrees so that it points back to someone who is unlucky enough to hold the gun. Instead of filling up Elmer Fudd, they built a remote rig to safely test what would happen.

The two most logical results of the experiment appeared to be as if the lap either broke through the run at the start of the turn or got stuck before it fully negotiated the tight turn. Confirmation that at least part of the fancy physics shown in cartoons was correct when the rifle was fired from a distance left the bullet at the end of its business, destroying the gun’s view.

Could such a maneuver actually save your life should you ever stare at the barrel of a rifle? No, definitely not. Bending a barrel by hand would require Superman caliber power, and even then it would likely leave a dangerous ripple or pinch in the barrel that would result in a worse result than shown here. For this experiment, the barrel of the rifle was heated and then carefully bent to a certain diameter to ensure that the tubular structure remained intact so that a bullet could possibly still pass through it. In reality, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd were in the emergency room the first time they tried.

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